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Real name Sonny Moore. Famous American DJ, musician, former lead singer of a band From First to Last.

He started his career as a member of «From First to Last» in 2004. He has been working with the team for 3 years, afterwards decided to leave a band and started a solo project.

In 2007, he created and uploaded his first solo tracks, began to play at different shows. In 2009 he released his first mini-album «Gypsyhook». Since then Skrillex popularity has been growing rapidly.
The world popularity came to Skrillex after he released his first free album «Skrillex My Name is Skrillex». The debut was more than successful. Famous band Bring Me the Horizon used his vocals in the recording of their new album. Skrillex went on tour together with a popular DJ Deadmau5, afterwards released his second album «Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits», which became a real sensation.

Skrillex is one of the most popular DJs of the world. He is the winner of three Grammy Awards. In the Forbes rating of 2012 Skrillex was the second highest-paid DJ of the world with the revenue $ 15 million.

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