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Stéphane Pompougnac is a much celebrated, multi-platinum selling and internationally recognised DJ and producer of laidback lounge sounds. His numerous compilations have sold more than five million copies worldwide and all because of the Frenchman’s unique palette of sounds that reach far beyond the average producer. Starting way back in the 1980s, accolades include having residencies at famous clubs such as the Lotus in New York, remixing Madonna and being one of the first DJs to play new wave, house and electro in his native France. Years later Pompougnac has produced everything from acoustic indie to stylish and elegant lounge music that has touches of 80s alternative electro pop, rock and reggae. Previous albums include Living On The Edge and Hello Mademoiselle, and Pompougnac has also been employed to compile tailored made albums and playlists for hotels and restaurants around the world.

This revered composer and producer’s latest work, after more than 25 years in the business, has been Bloody French, a new album two years in the making. On the LP he has skilfully reinvented the lounge style of his earlier compilations and touches on deep house, exotic landscapes and opulent Oriental flourishes in the process. Authentically made in France, this album still bears the traces of Pompougnac’s numerous trips from South America to the Far East and proves he is still as vital as ever when it comes to music for the mind, body and soul.

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