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Tanita Tikaram was born on August 12, 1969, in Germany. She is a singer and a songwriter. Tanita is mostly famous for such songs as “Twist In My Sobriety”, “Good Tradition”, and “We Almost Got It Together”.

Tanita’s career took off when she was just 17 years old. That is when she gave her first concert. When Tikaram celebrated her 19th birthday, her album already sold millions of copies.

Tanita was born in Germany but moved to England when she was 12. An unusual name was given to Tanita by her mother, who is from Malaysia. Tanita started writing songs when she was very young.

By the time the singer turned 16, she had already enough material for solo performances. Her work was influenced by Leonard Cohen and John Lennon. Tanita became a star when she was very young.

By the time, she turned 21, many fans considered her an adult woman while she was still a girl.

In 1987, Tanita’s demo album was noticed by a manager Paul Charles, who was so impressed by her work that he immediately arranged a concert at one of the clubs in London.

In 1988, Tikaram released her first single “Good Tradition”. The song reached the 10th spot on UK Singles Chart and was also successful in Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. The same year Tanita recorded her first album Ancient Heart. The album reached the 3rd spot on UK Albums Chart and topped the German and Austrian chart. The LP sold 3 million copies worldwide.

In 1990, Tanita released her second studio album The Sweet Keeper. It proved that Tikaram’s success wasn’t accidental. It reached the 3rd spot on UK Albums and German Albums Chart. Even though the songs were mostly recorded in hotel rooms during various tours, their quality didn’t suffer.

In 1991, Tikaram released her second album Everybody’s Angel. It was the last hit album in her career. She decided to take a break and travel around the world.

In 1995, she went back to writing music and released Lovers In the City, which featured mostly folk-pop genre. The album was noticeably less successful than her previous work.

Tanita went on to record four more albums, the latest one to date being Closer to The People (2016). Even though her latest albums are not as popular as her early work, she still has many fans all over the world. Tanita continues to write songs and performs live.

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