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Ten Sharp is a Dutch synthpop band, which was established in 1982 by Marcel Kapteijn and Niels Hermes. They are mostly famous for their song “You”, which was recorded in 1991. Ten Shap is sometimes called a “one-song wonder”. However, more than 35 years later the band continues to perform live at various events.

Even though the band was formed in 1982, they recorded their first single only 3 years later. “When the Snow Falls” got into the top 50 of the Netherlands MegaCharts. It caused the band to become popular on radio and TV. By the time the second single “Japanese Lovesong” came about, Ten Sharp were already popular. The song got to the 39th spot of the Dutch charts. The band went on local tour and gave various live performances at the Dutch nightclubs.
In 1987, the band recorded their third single “Way of the West”, which failed to make it into the charts. The failure caused CBS records to terminate the contract with Ten Sharp.
In 1990, the band recorded their first album “Under the Water-line”. The album was released together with Ten Sharp’s most famous song “You”. The single turned into an international hit extremely fast and took the album with it. The band went on European tours and gave many live concerts. Ten Sharp bathed in fame until 1993.
In 1993, the band recorded their second album “The Fire Inside” together with a single “Dreamhome”, which got into the top-30 of several European charts. The rest of the singles from that album weren’t a successful.
In 1995, Ten Sharp records their third album “Shop of Memories”, which is not as successful as the previous LP. Only one single from that album “Feel My Love” got into the top-10 of the German chart. In 1996, the band released a live album Roots Live.
Ten Sharp recorded three more albums but none of them were a success. However, the band is still together and performs its old hits occasionally.

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