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The Bangles (originally the Bangs) is an unusual band. The Bangles play pop-rock, pop, new wave, jungle pop, so there is nothing interesting or outstanding, unless take into consideration the fact that all the participants of the band are women.

The band appeared in 1980, and it was called The Bangs. It was a trio which consisted of Susan Hoffs (vocals/guitar), and two sisters Vicky (guitar/vocals) and Debby (vocals/drums) Petersons. In 1981 they launched their first track "Getting out of hand", and one year later "The real world" was released. At that very moment the women decided to change The Bangs for the Bangles.

The band's debut album was launched in 1984 titled "All over the place". The work got positive critical reviews. The audience also liked it. One of the most famous album's songs is "Going down to Liverpool". The video "Going down to Liverpool" also got critical acclaim and The Bangles gained popularity.

At the same time The Bangles released "Manic Monday", and it was a real success - the track hit number 2 in Great Britain, the USA and Germany.

The 2nd album called "Different Light" (1986) and its single "Walk like an Egyptian", which appealed to its target audience - women. So they got female fans.

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The album "Everything" (1988) included lots of recognizable and interesting songs, but the main hit was "In your room". "In your room" still seems to be the most popular and commercially-viable track of the Bangles. Rock fans liked the group's ballad "Eternal Flame" too, which became the most successful ballad by a female rock group.

At that time a solo singer Susan Hoffs decided to start her solo career, and the Bangles disbanded in 1989.

However, 10 years later they made a decision to re-unite. They still perform at different stages and festivals.

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