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The first appearance of Waif & Strays on the music scene was in 2010. The dus's unique approach quickly appealed to the target music audience, spreading around the globe both in the USA and Europe.

Their arrival was announced with their «Yeah Yeah» on Leftroom. In 2011 the track was rewarded Essential New Tune, becoming one of the most-played and energetic hits of the year.

Waifs & Strais do not follow musical trends, but cultivate a timeless sound. This approach helped him to become the key guests of different high-profile venues, including Glastonbury, Fabric, DC10, Burning Man.

In 2014 the duo disbaned because of Rich's health problems. He took a sabbatical. Amos decided to operate as a solo artist. During the year he co-operated with Madtech music label, pushing Waifs & Strais project forward. The releases on Purp&Soul, Of Unsound Mind, Futureboogie were really notable and one-of-a-kind. In 2015 Waifs & Strais made collaboration with VIVa, working hard in and out of the studio.

Waifs & Strais label isn`t just at the top of the game. It still defines generic boundaries, promoting its sound over the globe.

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