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Yaire (real name Yaidelice Monrouzeau) was born on 29 July 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yaire’s father Eloy Monrouzeau was a famous figure in the music world. That is why the girl got a chance to show her talent at a very young age. When Yaire was just 13 years old, she was already writing songs for celebrities. It was Yaire, who wrote lyrics for the famous Olga Tanon’s song "Bésame agresivamente."

A year later, another song written by Yaire for Tanon “Contigo o sin ti” became a big hit. A while later “Mujer De Fuego”, also written for Tanon, brought Yaire an ASCAP award (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). She was the youngest author to receive such an award.

For a long time, Yaire continued writing songs for Spanish-speaking celebrities, such as Gisselle and Melina Leon. She wrote such songs as "Quiero que me beses toda", "No te olvidé," and "Gaviota herida." In 1999, Yaire received one more ASCAP award for a hit song "El frío de tu adios," which was performed by Olga Tanon. Yaire was becoming more and more popular. It was prestigious to book Yaire’s lyrics-writing services.

Soon Yaire decided to try her luck on stage. When she turned 21, the songwriter recorded her first LP Formas De Vida. The album was very successful and received positive reviews from the critics. When recording the LP, Yaire worked as a songwriter, composer, and singer.

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Yaire’s second LP Yaire was released in 2001. The LP offered the young woman’s fans new ballads and pop songs. Yaire proved herself an innovative artist of the 21st century. Even though her songwriting talent has been famous for a long time, the critics were awed at how it made a wonderful combination with her singing abilities. The songs “Tu mayor tempción” and “Contéstame” became big hits, conquered the listeners’ hearts, and made Yaire even more famous. When writing songs for this LP, Yaire based them on her own experience. This allowed her to create very touching lyrics.

In 2002, Yaire recorded a new album Donde Me Lleve El Viento. She recorded it together with Líderes label. A famous Spanish producer Miguel Blasco assisted Yaire in creating the LP. Blasco worked with such celebrities as Mijares, Alejandra Guzmán, and el trío Pandora

In 2006, Yaire recorded the LP Volver a Nacer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as popular as the singer’s previous work. Even though Yaire’s fans happily welcomed the new LP, almost none of the songs made it to the radio stations. After the release, Yaire decided to take a break to deal with personal life. She married the producer Miguel Blasco, moved to Spain, and gave birth to a son.

The LP Falso Paraiso (2011) was also mostly a failure. It didn’t bring Yaire the fame she expected. Her popularity started to wane.

Yaire has been living and breathing music since childhood. Her strive to create music coupled with an unmistakable singing talent allows her to create real masterpieces. Yaire doesn’t give up, writes new songs, and performs live.

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