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Years & Years was formed in 2010 in London. It’s worth noting that the band’s founders aren’t British. Mikey Goldsworthy came to London from Australia and got a job as a waiter at a local restaurant. Emre Turkmen moved from Turkey. He was an architect, who helped build Falmer Stadium near Brighton. The young men met on the website They were both big fans of the rock group Radiohead.

After meeting in real life, Mikey and Emre decided to form a rock group. They started working together and figured that they need a vocalist. That’s how the musicians found Olly Alexander, who already had experience performing with small groups. Besides, he was an actor and had important connections in the industry. In one of the interviews, group members mentioned that Mikey invited Olly to the band after hearing him sing in the shower.

Soon, Noel Leeman and Olivier Subria joined the band. In 2012, Years & Years released its first single “I Wish I Know” while working with the Good Bait label. In 2013, Noel and Olivier voiced their disagreements with the way the band was going and left it. The same year, the remaining group members signed a contract with a French electronic music label, Kitsune. In September, they released a new single “Traps”. Neither of the two first singles achieved popularity.

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In February 2014, the band released its third single “Real”. While working on the music video for the song, Olly asked the assistance of the fellow actors. The theater and TV stars helped add some popularity to the video. The same year, Years & Years signed a contract with Polydor Records and released its fourth single, “Take Shelter”, which reached the top of UK Singles Electronic Chart.

In November 2014, the musicians released a new single “Desire” recorded together with Kid Harpoon. It reached the 5th spot of the UK Dance Chart and came in 21st on US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart.

In January 2015, Years & Years became the BBC Sound of 2015. In February, the group presented a new single “King”, which earned highly positive reviews from the critics. It topped the UK Singles Chart and settled on the 14th spot of US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. The song became very popular in Scotland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. At that time, many organizers tried to book Years & Years for private events.

In July 2015, the group presented its first studio album, Communion. It was impressively successful and became the best-sold debut album in the UK in 2015. More than a million copies were sold worldwide. Communion topped such charts as UK Albums, UK Dance Albums, and US Top Dance/Electronic Albums. It went platinum in the UK.

In March 2016, Years & Years re-released one of its first single “Desire”. The artists recorded it with a famous Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo. The single reached the 27th spot on the UK Singles Chart. In April, the band gave a big concert at the Wembley Arena. All tickets were sold out. Then the trio embarked on a concert tour to support its debut LP. The tour continued until September. Right after it, the group performed at the Lollapalooza festival in Berlin.

In September 2016, the band recorded a new single “Meteorite”, which was a soundtrack for the romantic comedy Bridget Jones Diaries 3. At the end of the year, the artists began working on their next LP.

In March 2018, they presented a single “Sanctify”, recorded with Kid Harpoon. It was a big success, reaching the 19th spot on the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. The song settled on the 33rd position of the UK Singles Chart. Before releasing its second LP, the group gave several concerts in London, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco.

In July 2018, the LP Palo Santo came out. It topped US Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart and came in third on the UK Albums Chart. The album was a big success in other European countries as well. 

To support the album, the band embarked on a new tour. It’s expected to end in June 2019 with a concert in Coventry.

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