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Event services

We organize weddings, corporate events, birthdays, conferences and other events!

08 March 2022
Booking Stars Ltd. will organize wedding, corporate event, birthday party, conference and other types of events! We...

Private and corporate events

04 March 2022
Private and corporate events Venue booking service The choice of venue has to be made in the earliest stages of pla...

Bands for hire

02 February 2022
What type of music do you like? Whatever your answer, we can help you hire a band that will perfectly match your t...

Branded parties are taking over the world

02 February 2022
Branded parties are taking over the world In your parents’ day, parties happened organically: a few guys picked up g...

Technical support of events

02 February 2022
Technical support of events Laser show Booking Stars Ltd. can provide laser show for your event. We have experience...

Wedding entertainment

02 February 2022
How do you picture your perfect wedding day? You see your family and closest friends under one roof, their smiling e...
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