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Technical support of events

Laser show


Booking Stars Ltd. can provide laser show for your event.
We have experience of organizing laser show of any scale: from small laser shows on dance floors in night clubs to large scale mega laser events on open air events.
Laser show is excellent solution for large open-air events.
Laser effects will beautify artists performance at your event!
Professional light artists are readey to create best laser show for you, based on your event theme.
Laser show development is strictly individual: scenario is based on you preferences.
Our professionals will help you to prepare best scenario, that suits specific of your of your event and your budget.
Lasers can be projected to the flat surface or specially designed net, or even watere screen.

Sound and light equipment rent


Company Booking Stars Ltd. is happy to offer you sound and light rent services.
We offer our clients special technical hardware of any complexity and complectation.
Rent of proper sound is a keystone to successful realization of your personal event!
Our specialists will make you offer based on your budget and event format.
Right choice of hardware and it's set-up is very important part of any corporate event or birthday. And performance of your favorite artists will leave pleasant memories for many years.

We offer wide choice of light and sound equipment:
  • Speakers
  • Acoustic systems
  • Microphones (wired and wireless)
  • Microphone stands
  • Mixing boards, digital mixers
  • D-boxes
  • Instrumentsl combo amplifiers
  • Microphone amplifiers
  • Effect processors
  • Music instruments
  • Monitors rent
  • DJ equipment rent
  • Revolving light and laser heads
  • Multi-ray scanners
  • Projectors

Original event scenarios


Want to celebrate birthday or corporate event? You need original scenario of your kid's birthday? Or do you want to have special event with your friends and invite musicians? All this can be good reason to turn to Booking Stars Ltd. Our professional team will develop for you individual event scenario.



If you want to have your wedding, birthday, corporate event or any other event, company Booking Stars Ltd. is happy to offer you tents:
We offer tents of any scale or construction.
Complexity and price of any construction is calculated individually, based on event format and amount of guests.

Our services include
  • Tents rent, with windows or without them;
  • Loading and unloading tents;
  • Tents cleaning afer usege;
  • Assembling and demontage of tents;
  • Rent of quickly assembling stages;
  • Tents decoration;
  • Providing wireless internet;
  • Assembly of ventilation systems;
  • Florists;
  • Furniture rent.



There's nothing better than celebrating event with amazing firework.

Booking Stars Ltd. provides fireworks for event celebration. We offer services of diferent complexity: from small pyro show to grand fireworks show. We use complex pyro products. Our competent specialists will provide unforgettable colorful show.

We offer various types of fireworks:
  • Land and high velocity fireworks
  • Fountains
  • Fan fireworks
  • Burning sun
  • Rockets

Colorful firework is beautiful ending of your event or vice versa can be grand opening.

Decoration service


Any celebration must look beautiful! Company Booking Stars Ltd. has wide experience in decorating events. Best specialists guarantee quality and quick decoration of your event, based on your event and budget. We decorate following events: weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, concerts and other.

Trust us creation of nice and festive atmosphere of your event, which will give warm and positive emotions to you and your guests.

Our Contacts:
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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