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Alan Walker

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  • Alan Walker – DJ and producer from Norway, plays electro house and deep house

    Alan Olav Walker was born in the UK on 24 August 1997. His mother is from Norway and his father is British. When Walker was 24 months old, his family moved from England to Norway. When he was young, Walker wanted to become a computer programmer. No one expected that his love for computers would turn into a breathtaking music career.

    In 2012, Alan taught himself how to make music using YouTube videos. He created songs on his laptop and uploaded them to YouTube and SoundCloud. Walker managed to find many fans, who saw his videos thanks to the efforts of his friends and family.

    In 2014, Alan recorded his first single “Fade”. It quickly became popular on the internet. Shortly after, it was re-released by NoCopyrightSounds. It appeared on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Currently, the video has over 300 million views on YouTube. Thanks to the popularity of the song, Walker signed a contract with Sony Music Sweden.

    In 2015, Alan recorded his first official single, the name of which was similar to his debut work. “Faded” turned out to be extremely popular. It topped Norwegian, French, Italian, German, and Swedish charts. The single climbed to the 7th spot of UK Singles Chart and the 80th position on Billboard 200. The track was highly commercially successful. Eventually, it earned 11 platinum certifications in Norway and 13 in Sweden. Germany’s BVMI granted the song a diamond status.

  • After “Faded” came out, Walker woke up famous. Even though he almost finished high school, the young man dropped out without getting a diploma. He decided to focus on the music career. The music video for “Faded” collected more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube, which made it one of the most popular videos there.

    At the beginning of 2016, Alan, who was just 18 years old at the time, performed on stage. He presented over 15 songs, including “Faded”, at Winter XGames in Oslo. The live performance was highly successful. The same year, Walker released another single “Sing Me To Sleep”. Even though it wasn’t as dizzyingly popular as the first track, the song conquered the Norwegian chart and climbed to the 9th spot on the Swedish Singles Chart. The track earned six platinum certifications in Norway and three in Germany.

    At the end of the year, Walker recorded his next hit, “Alone”. The song topped the Norwegian chart and came in second in Sweden. Again, Alan’s song earned a variety of platinum certifications in different countries.

    Between the recording sessions, Walker was giving concerts. He didn’t just travel around Europe performing live, he worked with such popular artists as Justin Bieber.

    In 2017, Walker recorded three hits, “The Spectre”, “Tired” and “All Falls Down”. The latter topped the national chart and reached the 4th place in Germany. The single climbed to the 87th spot on UK Singles Chart. The music video for the song collected more than a million views on YouTube. In December, in Japan, Walker released a hit collection, Alan Walker Hits.  Half a year later, Japanese fans welcomed his new EP, Faded Japan.

    In 2018, Walker went on a new tour, World of Walker Tour: Part I. He participates in many music-related events, gives many concerts, and works on new songs.

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