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Armen Miran

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  • Armen Miran is an exceptional DJ, producer, and composer who has carved out a unique space for himself within the realm of electronic music. Hailing from Armenia, his captivating sound is deeply rooted in his cultural heritage, blending traditional Middle Eastern and Armenian influences with contemporary electronic beats.

    Armen's musical journey began at a young age, as he was exposed to a rich tapestry of sounds and rhythms from his surroundings. Inspired by the diverse musical traditions of his homeland, he embarked on a path of exploring the fusion of ancient melodies with modern electronic production techniques, creating a truly captivating sonic experience.

    With his emotive and ethereal productions, Armen Miran has garnered widespread acclaim within the electronic music community. His tracks are characterized by their organic instrumentation, hypnotic rhythms, and lush atmospheric textures, taking listeners on a journey that transcends boundaries of time and place.

    Armen's exceptional talent as a DJ is evident in his ability to curate seamless and emotive sets. His performances are a celebration of cultural diversity and unity, as he effortlessly weaves together eclectic genres and influences, creating a captivating musical tapestry that resonates deeply with his audience.


  • In addition to his solo work, Armen Miran has collaborated with renowned artists and musicians, infusing his unique style into collaborative projects that further showcase his versatility and artistic vision. His collaborations have resulted in a fusion of styles and a blending of musical cultures, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.

    Armen Miran's impact on the electronic music scene goes beyond his productions and performances. He has been an integral part of the Underyourskin Records family, a label known for its commitment to quality and unique artistic expressions. Through his releases on the label, he has helped shape and define the label's distinctive sound, further solidifying his position as a tastemaker within the industry.

    Armen Miran's music has garnered a global following, captivating audiences around the world with his soul-stirring compositions and enchanting live performances. His ability to seamlessly merge cultural traditions with contemporary electronic music has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the scene.

    As Armen continues to evolve as an artist and explore new musical territories, his dedication to pushing boundaries and his unwavering commitment to authenticity promise to captivate and inspire listeners. With his unique blend of ancient melodies, modern production techniques, and a deep connection to his cultural roots, Armen Miran's musical journey is one filled with artistic exploration, sonic enchantment, and a lasting impact on the global electronic music community.

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