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Art Department

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  • Art Department is a music label created by Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow in 2009. This famous project focuses on the underground music movement. The duo works on production projects and releases unique tracks. They’ve been on the cover of various music magazines and received a variety of awards. The duo settled in Ibiza. But performs all over the world, including all the famous music festivals.

    Jonny White grew up in the record business and was always exposed to a variety of music genres. His father collected many records and brought home some of the audio equipment, which other boys on the block didn’t have. As a result, Jonny became a fan of different music and was open to all new styles. When he was young, he was influenced by such artists as Talk Talk, Mowtown, and Boss.

    He started his music career as a nightclub promoter when he was just 17 years old. Some time later, he learned about house music. This genre made him realize that he wants to pursue a music career.

    He dropped out of school and spent time with people, who promoted rave events and nightclubs. They introduced Jonny to the nightclub life and DJing He had a great opportunity to listen to the world famous DJs. After seeing international DJs perform, Jonny became more serious about his promotion world. He worked with different labels until he found Kenny Glasgow. The friendship became a turning point in White’s career.

  • Kenny Glasgow can be considered a pioneer in the electronic music genre. He spent 5 years playing with Art Department, where he was a musical engineer, composer, songwriter, and vocalist. With his help, they released impressively popular LPs. Glasgow attended the famous music festivals and found himself on the covers of many different music magazines,

    Just like white, Glasgow started his music career as a promoter. He arranged warehouse parties in Toronto and then worked in The Buzz. He performed with a variety of musicians while pursuing a career as DJ and a producer.

    Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White created an amazing duo, which quickly gained international popularity. They continue to perform together and work on their solo careers.

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