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  • Luciano’s real name is Lucien Nicolet. He was born in a small Swiss town on 24 February 1978. His mother is from Chile, and his dad is of Swiss origin. The mix of two cultures helped shape the boy’s music preferences. After Nicolet’s parents divorced, the future dancefloor celebrity moved to Chile with his mother and sister. In Chile, the young man became interested in punk rock. He learned how to play the guitar and performed at the school parties with his own band. At that time, the school dancefloor celebrity was closely studying the world music trends. The electronic music era has begun, and Lucien decided to study this genre. When Lucien grew up, he had to work at a construction site to earn money for his family. In the 1990’s finding electronic music fans in Santiago was tough. Lucien spent years honing his skills, but his music didn’t seem to be in demand. In the early 2000’s, the young musician decided to move to Switzerland, where the public was more prepared to enjoy the new trends. In Switzerland, Lucien continued his studies. He wanted to become a sound engineer.

    In 2002 – 2002, Lucien decided to release his first singles, “Lucie”, “Tom et Clementine”, “1/2”, “2/,2”, “Amelie on Ice”, “Future Senses”, “Capricciosa”, and “Cadenza”. At the same time, he presented a live album Live @ Weetamix, recorded with Max Ernst. In 2002, together with Phillip Quenum, Luciano recorded two songs, which helped them create their own label Cadenza. Lucien’s sister Amelie helped them with the album cover design since she got a designer education in Chile. In 2003, Lucien released several singles, including “Alpine Rocket - with Mathew Jonson”, “Orange Mistake/Funky Daddy - with Quenum”, “Membrillo - Cabo San Roque vs. Luciano”, and “La Limonada de Pepe Bombilla”. The same year, the DJ presented his first remix “Chica & The Folder” and an LP Party News - Electro-House, recorded together with с DJ Beat Records.



  • In 2004, Lucien presented his debut studio LP, Blind Behaviour. At that time, he was working with Peacefrog Records. The DJ became very popular. Many fans wanted to book Luciano for their private events. The musician presented his next LP, No Model No Tool, in 2007. While working on the albums, he recorded popular singles “Bomberos/Octogonal”, “Yamoré Remix, In the Spirit - with Thomas Melchor”, “Silverbird Casino - with EAT”, “Stone Age - Pier Bucci Luciano, Lucien”, “Fourges Et Sabres”, “Clara Ghavani Extended - with NSI”, and “Etudes Electronique”. The same year he presented several remixes, including “Memo – Silverspoons”, “Robag Wruhme – Wortkabular” , and “Argy - Love Dose.” In 2009, Luciano recorded another solo album, Tribute To The Sun. It came out under his own label Cadenza. This was the last DJ’s LP to date. He started doing more work as a producer but continued releasing singles. They are still popular among his numerous fans. In 2012, Lucien and his family moved to Barcelona. His relocated his label as well. The musician also founded a production agency Aether Artists.  Lucian works on new songs, performs live, and produces other artists’ hits.

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