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Joris Voorn

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  • Joris Voorn was born on February 25, 1977, in the Netherlands. He is particularly known for his EPs Lost Memories and Muted Tracks. He works with Detroit techno and techno house genres. Voorn performed under pseudonyms Dark Science and Third Nation. He played with the band Rejected. Joris Voorn was born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When he was just a young boy Joris loved music. He learned how to play violin and then exchanged it for a guitar. However, after being influenced by such artists as The Orb, Orbital, and Leftfield, he developed the love for electronic music. In 1997, Joris started a DJing career. By 2000, he established his own personal studio and started writing music. Joris’s first EP Muted Trax Pt. 1, which was released in 2002 with the Dutch label Keynote immediately topped a variety of personal charts of such techno gurus as Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig. In 2003, Jooris released his most famous EP to date with the label Sino called Lost Memories Pt1. This album earned Voorn local recognition. When he released the second part of this EP Lost Memories Pt2, he solidified his position as a talented and famous DJs.

    Voorn’s song “Incident” that included a piano part entered most of the charts of the dance music magazines. It also topped the techno single chart of the Mixmag magazine. In 2004, Joris Voorn released his debut studio album Future History. The LP allowed Joris to start working beyond his native Netherlands and conquer the international stages. His touring schedule is full for a year in advance.In 2005, Joris formed his own label Green. The same year he released the first remix disc Fuse Presents Joris Voorn. The year 2009 was a big year for Joris. He released a compilation album Balance 014, which was an international hit. The same year Joris recorded the EP Dusty House Room, which was very commercially successful. Joris reached the 10th spot on Resident Advisor DJ Top 100 chart. Today Joris continues to work with new music and performs live.

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