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Mahmut Orhan

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  • Mahmut Orhan - is a Turkish Dj, whose favorite styles are deep house and indie dance. In 2012 he received mainstream success with his hit singles «Ceiron» and «Fringe». His 2014 track «Without you Ep» attracted affection from fans. He has established his reputation as a talented musician, rearranging 80s-90s tracks. Mahmut Orhan is a Turkish DJ and music producer. He was born on January 11, 1993 in the city of Bursa (Northwest Anatolia), Turkey. In his hometown, he began to actively study music at the age of 15. Later, to expand his horizons, he moved to the capital of the country, Istanbul.

    In 2011 he started working in the Bebek nightclub. In 2017, Mahmut Orhan gave his first large personal interview to the Turkish newspaper Sabah.Mahmut started his career with the 3-Adam label, later he stopped working with him. The DJ gained his first international success in 2015 with the release of the instrumental song Age of Emotions. The young and promising composer began to be noticed by other musicians and unbiased listeners. The DJ is actively touring European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Luxembourg, Romania). Mahmut is well versed in the styles of Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, their motives influence his creativity and imagination. Orkhan himself says that his tracks combine club vibes and oriental motives, this gives Orkhan a special style of sound.


  • The DJ has listened to all the tracks of the 1980-1990s of the last century, as he believes that the fashion of the future can be extracted from them. Makhmut is well versed in the taste preferences of modern listeners; many people always want to attend his performances. A special vision of Mahmut's music was supported by famous DJ Markus Schultz. Professionals called Orhan a sensation in the European club scene after the big release with the song Feel. The author has only one music album on his account, in June 2018 he released a collection of remixes One. Orhan has been part of some of the world's major electronic music festivals such as the Exit Festival in Serbia and the Untold Festival in Romania. The DJ has partnered with Ultra Music, an American independent electronic music label based in New York. In 2015, Mahmut Orhan found the Turkish singer Senu Sener, with whom he later created the track Feel. This composition reached the worthy places of the music tops in Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Poland and Romania.

    The song Feel took the 1st position in the Turkish iTunes music platform ranking for 2017. The track scored more than 115 million views on Youtube, conquered the global top 100 on Shazam and allowed Orhan to sign up for a contract with Ultra Records. Vocal tracks are generally recognized by listeners and are better than instrumental tracks. The addition of Sener's voice certainly helped elevate the track to the right level. The author himself described his success as follows: "The result is similar to a crumbling stack of dominoes - popularity has passed from Turkey to Russia, from there to Greece, further to Croatia, then to Poland and other European countries." It was the hardest thing to gain recognition in Germany, as it is the abode of dance and club music. The inhabitants of this country have a very reverent attitude towards sound. At the same time, the TV series "Game of Thrones" was popular and Mahmut went on the modern wave, creating a remix of Game of Thrones. This decision was positively received by critics and "fans".

  • The cover version was created in collaboration with the Romanian singer Eneli. Also in this duet came the song Save me, which was very different in the dynamics of reviews. A fruitful alliance with Colonel Bagshot, an English rock band. Their joint single, 6 Days, reached the leading positions in the music ratings of Greece and Romania in 2018. In 2019, the composer collaborated with DJs Thomas Newson and Jason Gaffner, then the single Feet was released. And also - with the Moldovan singer Irina Rimes (currently lives in Romania) he released the track Schhh. Orhan has worked with artists Aytac Kart, Boral Kibil, Sezer Uysal, Dj Tarkan, Alceen, Ludwix, Deepjack and Mr. Nu. Makhmut argued that the connection between people and their work is important for him, therefore he always chooses as co-authors people who are close to him in spirit and ideas in music. In 2020, he published his second collaboration with Irina Rimes - the single Hero.

    Until now, he has performed many times in Bursa, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir. At first, Mahmut worked as a music director at one of the most popular clubs in Istanbul, Chilai. He is currently still pursuing his musical career there. Mahmut Orhan actively maintains his pages on social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Artist profiles can be found on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. His favorite place is the Epic Society nightclub in Timisoara. Mahmut has a warm relationship with his brothers and sisters, regularly publishes joint photos from the performances. He was awarded the title of Best DJ at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, at the 45th Anniversary Awards in 2018. He became the best DJ at the 17th Stars of the Year Awards, organized by the Technical University of Yildiz in 2019. Orhan's 2016 hit «Feel» in collaboration with Sena Sener is one of the most-played singles of the year.

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