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  • BYOR emerges as a luminary in the electronic dance music (EDM) galaxy, ascending as a rising star with an unmistakable imprint on the global scene. As the official artist of Tiesto's Musical Freedom and a participant in Tomorrowland 2022 at The Library Stage, BYOR's journey is marked by a trajectory toward EDM stardom.

    In the last two years, BYOR has claimed a prestigious spot among the top 20 producers globally, as recognized by the influential platform 1001Tracklists. This acknowledgment is a testament to the artist's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the sonic landscape.

    Current Achievements:
    With a current reach of over 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify, securing the 432nd spot worldwide, BYOR has solidified his presence as a powerhouse in the music streaming realm. Noteworthy is his collaboration with Grammy winner Imanbek on "Belly Dancer," a track that has earned a coveted place in the top 100 on Spotify Global and the top 50 on Shazam Global.

    BYOR's tracks and mixes reverberate across the airwaves of leading radio stations globally, including BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM, Diplo’s Revolution, Kiss FM, SLAM!, Europa Plus, Radio Record, and more. The support extends far beyond airplay, with the entire EDM DJ community, including the genre's biggest stars, rallying behind BYOR's productions.

  • Defining Style:
    BYOR's artistic ethos revolves around setting his own rules of the game, encapsulated in the mantra "BRING YOUR OWN RULES!" This philosophy underscores a commitment to innovation, a refusal to conform, and an exploration of uncharted sonic territories. BYOR's distinct style resonates not only in the charts but in the hearts of fans worldwide, creating a movement that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

    As BYOR continues to carve a unique path in the EDM universe, his dedication to bringing fresh sounds and defying norms remains unwavering. With each beat, he invites audiences to join him in a realm where rules are rewritten, and the language of music becomes a universal force. In the dynamic narrative of electronic dance music, BYOR stands tall, a visionary architect of sound shaping the future of the genre.

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