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Ben Delay

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  • Ben Delay was born on the 17th of November 1976 in Lindlar, a city near Cologne (Germany). His real name is Oliver Schmidt. His career as a DJ started in the H90 Nightclub that’s located in Cologne. This is the club where he gave his first performance during one of the “Boogie Night” events. The owners of the club were impressed so much by his performance that they made a decision to hire Oliver as a resident DJ. From then on Ben has been producing music of different styles in the House genre. He has played in every popular club in Cologne.

    Soon after the sets he played in the H90 Nightclub gained recognition on the part of the public, Ben was invited to entertain crowds during the “Snowzone” event in Val Torens (France). This happened back in 2002. There Ben played with such well-known DJs as Tom Novy and Phil Fuldner. Once the event was over, Ben was invited to take part in this event as a DJ the following year. Besides, one of his tracks was included in the “Mix CD” – the official compilation of tracks that are played during the event.

  • It should be pointed out that Ben has always been working hard producing numerous tracks that attracted the attention of the labels’ authorities as well. Soon after he signed a contract with the “DG” (Cologne label), he presented to the public his debut EP entitled “Sugarland”. The album was very successful. The next EP he released was released in collaboration with his partner Adam Chinch. The “Sugarland Gang - Pizza EP” was included in the Top 5 bestselling House LPs in Germany’s online shops in the year of 2002. The track “Whoop” from the EP was included in the “Tiefenrausch” compilation of tracks by Phil Fuldner and Rene Suess.

    In spring 2002, Ben Delay established his own label “Sugarland Records”. The label gained popularity very fast thus making Ben even more well-known all over the world. The tracks from his next LP entitled “Sugarland Gang - Down Town EP” were almost instantly included in the German DJ charts.

    Last summer, Ben Delay became a team member for the worldwide famous “Miami Beats” parties. These parties are carried out every month in the “Tiefenrausch” club in Germany that lots of people visit. Ben is not only responsible for entertaining crowds of people with his music, but he also invites various other DJs to take part in the party.

    Ben has already proven that he’s an outstanding DJ. Yet, there is much more to come. Soon, there will be presented his new EP under the “Sugarland Records” label.

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