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Block B

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  • Block B was created in 2011 in Seoul. The idea and the funding belong to a popular rapper and producer Cho PD. Initially, he called it Korea's Eminem Project. The producer spent about $1.4 million to put the band together and do some initial promotional work. The lineup includes seven young men, Taeil, Jaehyo, B-Bomb, Park Kyung, U-Kwon, Zico, and P.O.

    In April 2011, the artists recorded a video for their song "Freeze!”. However, the debut music video wasn’t allowed for viewing on TV before 10 p.m. due to the erotic content. However, such restrictions didn’t stop the band from becoming popular. Soon the group appeared on the show Music Bank on KBS with a single "Wanna B”. It later became a part of the artists’ debut album.

    In September 2011, the group presented its debut EP, New Kids on the Block. The album climbed to the 3rd spot of South Korea Gaon Album Chart and sold 24.5 thousand copies. Such a result was impressive for the young group. Right after the album’s release, Cho PD began getting offers from organizers, who wanted to book Block B for private events.

    In 2012, the band recorded another EP, which became as successful as the previous one. The musicians called it Welcome to the Block. The same year, the artists presented their debut LP, Blockbuster. More than 49,000 copies were sold. The album climbed to the 4th spot of South Korea Gaon Album Chart and came in 10th on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The single “Nillili Mambo” sold over a million copies.

  • In 2013, the musicians released a new EP, Very Good. It topped South Korea Gaon Album Chart and came in 6th on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. That year, singles “Be The Light” and “Very Good” became hits. They climbed to high spots on South Korea Gaon Digital Chart.

    In April 2014, the band recorded a single album, Jackpot. In July, Block B presented an EP, H.E.R. The first album topped the national chart. The second settled on the 2nd spot. The single “H.E.R” sold over 1.5 million copies. The same year, the artists arranged their first big concert "Blockbuster Remastering".

    In 2015, the group went on several tours, US Tour, Japan Live Tour "WARUGAKI SHOWDOWN'Z", and In Europe "Block Party". The artists also started working hard on the songs for the Japanese audience. They recorded Japanese versions of Very Good and H.E.R. The albums climbed to the 5th and 7th spots of Japan Oricon Albums Chart accordingly.

    In 2016, the artists went on a Japan Live Tour "SHOWDOWN'H" and arranged a successful concert Live "Blockbuster". They also recorded two albums for their Japanese fans, Jackpot and Toy. The albums reached the 5th and 2nd spot of the national Japanese chart accordingly.

    The same year, the group presented a ЕР, Blooming Period. It topped the South Korean chart, came in 4th in Billboard’ World Album Chart and settled on the 52nd spot of Japan Oricon Albums Chart. My Zone (2016) became the first LP recorded for the fans in Japan. It reached the 7th spot on the official chart.

    In 2017, Block B released two albums, Yesterday and Project-1 EP. Both came in 7th on Japan Oricon Albums Chart. The same year, the artists released two more EPs, Montage and Montage ~Japan Edition~. The single “Shall We Dance” became a hit in South Korea. The same year, the band went on another tour called In Europe “BlockBuster”.

    In 2018, the artists arranged a concert called "Blockbuster Montage". In June, they released their first compilation album, Block B The Best.

    The group continues recording new hits and performing live.

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