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Prince Royce

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  • Geoffrey Royce Rojas, better known as Prince Royce, is a talented Dominican singer and musician. He was nominated for many prestigious awards, recorded albums in two languages, and acquired numerous fans in many countries.

    The future celebrity was growing up in Bronx, New York. His family has a Dominican heritage. His father was a taxi driver while his mom worked in a beauty salon. Even though Geoffrey’s family didn’t have any connections to the music business, the boy enjoyed singing since childhood. His parents supported the hobby. Royce performed on many contests and sang in a school choir.

    When he was 13 years old, the artist began writing poetry and then switched to lyrics. In one of the interviews, Royce said that he always felt comfortable on stage and never experienced any fears of frights about performing in public. By the time he turned 15, talented Rojas already has experience in songwriting. He joined Jose Chusan to create a duo called Jino and Royce, El Duo Real. At 16, Prince Royce started working with his old friend Donzell Rodriguez, who became the producer of the group. Later, another musician Vincent Outerbridge joined them. In 2007, Geoffrey realized that reggaeton started losing popularity. So the talented musician decided to conquer bachata. He achieved excellent results with the new genre. When Royce was 19 years old, he met Andres Hidalgo, who after listening to several songs offered to become the artist’s manager. Geoffrey agreed.

    With Hilgado’s assistance, Royce achieved new heights. After some time, he met producer Sergio George, who listened to the singer’s work and offered him a contract with Top Stop Music.

  • In March 2010, Royce released his first LP, produced by Sergio George and Andres Hidalgo. The singer called his debut album Prince Royce. The LP featured a mix of different genres, including bachata, pop, and R&B. It reached the 77th spot of Billboard 200 and topped the Latin Music Chart. The leading single "Stand By Me" topped Billboard’s Tropic Songs chart. After that, many organizers started trying to book Prince Royce for private events.

    The same year, the signer debut LP was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Tropical Album. In 2011, at Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, Royce earned three prizes. He was also nominated for 6 prizes at Billboard Latin Music Awards and won three of them.

    In the spring of 2011, Prince Royce signed a contract with Atlantic Records to record an album in the English language with the support of Top Stop Music. The second LP appeared in 2012 with the name Phase II. It featured 13 songs in different genres. Among them were tracks in Spanish and English languages. The single "Las Cosas Pequenas" came in second on Billboard's Latin and Billboard's Tropical charts. In the fall, the singer released a compilation album called #1's, which reached the third spot on Hot Latin Albums Chart.

    In April 2013, the artist signed a contract with a new label, Sony Music Entertainment. According to the agreement, Royce had to release a third Spanish-language album and a debut English-language album with the support of RCA Records. Three months later, the singer presented a debut single for the upcoming album, "Darte un Beso". The LP, Soy el Mismo, came out in October. Next year, the artist embarked on a tour to support the album.

    In November 2014, together with Snoop Dogg, Royce recorded a single “Stuck on a Feeling”, which was featured in his fourth LP, Double Vision. The single became Royce’s most successful song released in the USA.

    Double Vision came out in July 2015 with the assistance of RCA. To record the second single for the album, Royce invited such celebrities as Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. "Back It Up" reached the 10th spot of the Latin Songs Chart and came in 92nd on Billboard Hot 100.

    At the end of 2015, the artist recorded a new single, "Culpa al Corazon", for the upcoming album. Next year, Royce joined Pitbull on his North American tour (The Bad Man Tour). In 2017, Prince Royce presented a new LP, Five. Among 12 tracks were such hits as "No Te Olvides", "La Carretera", "Deja Vu", and "Moneda" In 2019, Royce’s fans are eagerly expecting the next LP, AlterEgo. The singer already released three successful singles for the album, “Adicto”, “Curame”, and “Morir Solo”.

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