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Manuel Turizo

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  • Manuel Turizo - Manuel Turiso Zapata (Monteria, Colombia; April 12, 2000), known as MTZ, is a Colombian urban singer. Known as Julian's brother, who made him famous and expanded his career in Latin America as well as European countries such as Spain. By June 2017, the song's official video had reached one billion views on YouTube. "Una Lady Como Tú" became the song that made him famous and famous all over the world. In addition to being nominated for the Colombia Kids Choice Awards as a favorite song in 2017, he has even received many certifications in various countries around the world. The Latin America Song proved to be an almost worldwide success, winning 3 Grammy Awards.

    He grew up under the influence of music, as his brother Julian, who is three years older than him, and his mother are musicians. Manuel Turiso is an urban singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Colombia. This famous singer was born on April 12, 2000. Manuel Turiso has been interested in music since childhood.After the influence of his family, Manuel began playing instruments such as saxophone, guitar, ukulele and piano. His family was full of musicians. Manuel started singing vocals as a child. At first, Manuel wanted to become a veterinarian. Julian Turiso is Manuel's older brother. Julian is heavily influenced by Manuel and his music. Manuel and Julian started composing music together. Manuel started writing and Julian played the ukulele in his songs. Julian helped his brother improve his style. Julian was a big supporter of his brother, he even put himself in the role of his producer. 


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