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Flavia Coelho

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  • Flavia Coelho was born 26 July 1980 in Rio de Janeiro. Her parents moved to Brazil from France. Flavia started performing at 14 and devoted her whole life to music. Even though Flavia was fairly successful in her native Brazil, she wanted something bigger. In 2002, she joined a band and traveled to Europe. Coelho loved France so much that for 4 years, she dreamed of coming back to Paris.

    Finally, in 2006, her dream came true. In France, she managed to discover her full talent and earn popularity. However, the fame wasn’t in a hurry to get to Coelho. At first, she performed in subway stations, bars, and nightclubs. That’s where she met a bassist from Cameroon, Pierre Bika Bika. Together with Pierre, Flavia recorded an album, which was produced by a successful musician Victor Vagh. Unfortunately, the disk didn’t attract the attention of the critics and Flavia went back to performing at the local venues.

    In 2010, Flavia got a chance to work with an Italian singer Lucilla Galeazzi. Together with Lucilla, they recorded “Amore Di Carta”, which was included in the movie De vrais mensonges , directed by Pierre Salvadori. The soundtrack for the movie was recorded by Philippe Eidel.

  • In 2011, Flavia won the singing competition at Generation Reservoir festival. Two years ago, the famous singer Zaz performed at the festival as well. Thanks to the victory, Coelho finally got lucky. She was offered a contract with an independent label Discograph, which she signed and immediately released her first album Bossa Muffin.

    The LP featured a combination of bossa nova, samba, Scandinavian folk music, reggae, African music, and even rumba. Flavia’s light and mischievous voice sounds amazing when mixed with unusual melodies. Her voice is so strong that can’t be upstaged by any music. The song “Agnes” about the musician’s travels while looking for happiness is a reflection of Coelho’s own story. After the album’s release, Flavia started performing at a prestigious Parisian club Divan du Monde.

    In 2012, Bossa Muffin was rereleased. It included four new songs and remixes of the tracks from the first LP. The singer started earning popularity. It was becoming harder and harder to book Flavia Coelho for any private event. She started participating in the famous music festivals, including Porto Latino, Buguéèès, and Festival du Bout du Monde.

    In 2014, Coelho released her second LP Mundo Meu. It was recorded with the producer Victor Vagh, drummer Tony Allen, and singer Patrice Bart-Williams. After the album was released, Flavia went on a tour. When she came back, she performed at the Reggae Sun Ska Festival. The song “Paraiso” became a hit in France.

    Flavia Coelho is an energetic young woman, who prefers such styles as samba, bossa nova, and other Brazilian melodies. Together with her fellow musicians, she creates light and catchy songs that conquer France, Brazil, and other countries.

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