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Guadalupe Pineda

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  • Guadalupe Pineda was born on 23 February 1955 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her mother’s brother was a famous actor and singer Antonio Aguilara. Pineda recorded 30 studio albums, which sold over 10 million copies. Guadalupe performs using completely different genres from bolero, ballads, and mariachi to ranchera and opera. She gives concerts all over the world and sings in five languages. Guadalupe is an honoree of Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Pineda tried to get a diploma at one of the Mexican universities, but quit studying and decided to pursue a music career. She performed in the local clubs and bars, where she wasn’t being paid too much. Even though she lacked performance experience, the young woman conquered the hearts of her listeners with an unusually beautiful voice. Back then, it was easy to book Guadalupe Pineda for any event. She formed two bands La propuesta and Sanampay but then decided to pursue a solo career.

    In 1984, Pineda recorded her first song “Yolanda”, which is widely known as “I love you” or “Te Amo”. The single sold over 1.5 million copies. Guadalupe became one of the new young voices of Mexico.

    In 1991, Pineda released an album Costumbres, which became golden. It was another important step in the singer’s breathtaking career. She was gaining popularity fast.

  • In 2002, Pineda recorded the LP Arias de ópera. The album sold over 150,000 copies in Mexico and received a double platinum certification.

    In 2007, UNESCO called Pineda the “Woman of the year”. She is also the only Mexican artist who managed to get an award from the French Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM). Pineda received the award in December 2009 for the LP Francia con sabor Latino (2009). The album topped the sales in Mexico for eight weeks in a row.

    Pineda’s albums were released in many countries, including Japan. She performed with many celebrities, including Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa and a Cuban composer Pablo Milanes. The duet performances with these artists were included into the album Gracias A La Vida (2006).

    Pineda visited many different countries, including USA, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Africa. In November 2009, she sang with Mercedes Sosa in Buenos Aires. Guadalupe shared the stage with such celebrities as Mireille Mathieu, Placido Domingo, Fernando de la Mora, Antonio Aguilar, and many more.

    In 2012, she celebrated the 35th anniversary of the start of her career by giving two concerts in Mexico. The concerts came out as live albums recorded on CD and DVD by Sony Music.

    In 2016, the LP Las Tres Grandes: Primera Fila, recorded with Tania Libertad and Eugenia Leon received a golden certification. After the release of the album, the musicians went on a Mexican tour. The same year, Pineda received a Latin Grammy for the Best Long Form Music Video

    In 2017, Guadalupe earned the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of her excellent music career.

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