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Yin Carrizo

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  • Yin Carrizo was born in a small Panamian town Oku on 5 July 1939. The son of Leonardo Carrizo and Lucila Medrano de Carrizo loved music since childhood. Carrizo got his first accordion from his mother. It was a gift and cost only $13.The young artist attended Juan Demóstenes Arosemena music school, where he learned how to play the accordion. Since childhood, Carrizo had a very calm and determined nature. He held on to this quality through the years. It allowed him to make many achievements.

    When Yin turned 14 years old, he started writing songs. A little later, he created the famous band Viva Panama. Together with the band, he toured the whole country. Carrizo recorded 20 studio albums, which included such unforgettable classics as “Julia”, “Lucy,” and “Viva Panamá”. Some of his songs were recognized worldwide and performed by other bands beyond Panama.

    When Carrizo turned 19 and finished his education, he told his parents about his plans for a music career. They supported the young men.

    In Panama, Yin Carrizo is considered a glorious musician of the 20th century. In 1972, the Panama government presented Carrizo a prestigious Vasco Nunez De Balboa award, which was created for recognizing distinguish figures in the country. Carrizo created his own romantic style, which became an example and inspiration for many musicians of his time. Even though he spent most of his life playing music, for some time, Yin worked as a Panamian ambassador in Chile.

  • The music is and has always been Carrizo’s passion. He entered his name and the title of his group into the history of Panama. In Panama, Carrizo is known as “El cantor de la patria”, which means “Singer of the country.”

    One of Carrizo’s most popular albums was a compilation El Cantor de la Patria, released with Tamayo Records. It included such hits as “Lucy,” “Me Mata Mi Maye”, “Amor Viejo”, “Cositas de los Dos,” and many more. According to a survey done by the show Aires De Mi Tierra, “Lucy” was the most famous 20th century song. This piece was successful in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the USA.

    In 1980’s, during a political crisis in Panama, Carrizo was accused of ill-mannered behavior and had to leave the music world for two years. However, the musician didn’t give up and came back to the stage soon. Regardless of such problems, he was very popular in Panama. It was nearly impossible to book Yin Carrizo for a private event.

    Even though maestro Yin Carrizo devoted his life to singing, he recently decided to set the accordion aside for some time and spend some time on his other passion. Carrizo is now learning how to draw. Yin’s music is still popular in many countries. The tickets to the few concerts he still gives are sold out almost immediately.

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