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Naiara Azevedo

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  • Naiara de Fatima Azevedo Marais was born on 31 October 1989 in the Brazilian state Parana. Since childhood, the girl was a big fan of music, which wasn’t surprising since all her relatives loved the sertanejo genre. Most of them played a musical instrument. When Naiara was just two years old, she sang along Leandro e Leonardo, whom she heard on the radio. When Naiara was about six years old, one of the family friends told her father: “This girl will make you proud. Believe it or not, she’ll become a famous singer”. His prophecy came true. In school, Naiara dreamed of participating in music festivals. However, her family lived on a farm and didn’t always have an opportunity to visit the city. Naiara wanted to study music but couldn’t find a teacher in her small town. When Naiara was a teenager, she finally found a person, who was ready to teach her music. She dreamed of playing the guitar but all she had was a slightly altered alt. At 16, Naiara left her hometown and went to Umuarama to study. Even though she loved music, she chose to major in cosmetology. In 2010, she met a music manager Fabricio Gaspar, who saw the young woman’s talent and offered her to record an album with a famous producer Orlando Baron, who worked with such celebrities as Luan Santana. Naiara agreed and released Exclusivity, which wasn’t too successful.

    In 2011, Naiara recorded her first single “Coitado.” It brought the singer international recognition. For many weeks, the single was topping the local Brazilian music lists.  Soon Naiara released her first live album Ao Vivo, which became very popular. In 2014, the singer released another album Ao Vivo Em Londrina. Even though the LP didn’t make it into popular charts, it conquered the hearts of Brazilian fans. In 2016, Naiara recorded Totalmente Diferente (Totally Different). And the LP really turned out to be totally different. The single from the LP “50 Reais”, which she performed with Maiara & Maraísa became a big hit. It reached the 2nd spot on the Brazilian Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also brought Naiara a Capricho Award for Sertanejo Hit. The music video reached the 75th place in the list of top-100 most watched YouTube videos. One more single from the album "Ex do Seu Atual" made it to the 18th spot on the Brazilian Singles Chart. The young woman was on her way to the popularity peak. It was nearly impossible to book Naiara for any event. An even bigger success was awaiting the singer when she released her new LP Contraste (2017). Two singles from the album “Mordida, Beijo e Tapa” and “Avisa que Eu Cheguei” topped the Brazilian charts. Naiara’s career keeps leaping forward. She records new songs and performs live.

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