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  • Axel – Argentinian singer and songwriter

    Axel’s full name is Axel Fernando Witteveen. He was born on 1 January 1977 in Rafael Calzada, near Buenos Aires. The artist became interested in music in early childhood. His parents were happy with such a hobby and paid for private piano lessons for Axel and two of his brothers. Parents also approved Axel’s studying in a Conservatory Julian Aguirre of Argentina. Witteveen enrolled when he was eight years old but later quit in order to keep up with his high school studies. After graduating from high school, Axel returned to the conservatory.

    Even though Axel’s parents supported his hobby, they didn’t expect that the young man would choose singing as a profession. So when Axel declared his plans, parents were against them. However, the aspiring singer insisted on following his dream and went to Buenos Aires to do it.

    Upon arrival, Axel decided to test his acting skills. He landed a role in a soap opera on TV Canal 9. The future singer played a waiter in a bar. Later, Axel decided to move to the touristic towns in order to work in hotel clubs. However, performing at the clubs was far from what Axel dreamed about.

  • Feeling disappointed, the singer returned to his native town. Soon he was invited to work as a reporter for a youth music program, which aired on the cable TV. The creative approach and an obvious talent of the young artist didn’t go unnoticed. He got a chance to arrange an interview with Julio Iglesias.

    With time, the show managers offered Axel the role of a show host. At that point, the aspiring singer realized that he has gotten very close to his initial goal. While he was hosting the program, he often played the piano and demonstrated his vocal talents. In a while, he was noticed by a local label, Sony Music Argentina. In 1999, he signed a contract with it, and Axel’s career finally took off.

    In 1999, the artist presented his debut LP, La clave para conquistarte. The album earned numerous positive reviews from the critics and fans. Many people were surprised at how deep the lyrics were. Some were curious how a 22-year-old man could know so much about extensive romantic feelings.

    In 2001, Axel released his second studio album, Mi forma de amar. It was just as successful as the artist’s debut work. At that time, many fans tried hard to book Axel for private events. and he often agreed.

    In 2004 and 2005, Axel released two LPs. He called them Amo and Hoy. The first one was very successful in all Latin American countries. The second one was even more popular. It became highly commercially successful. The artist sang the songs from the second album at more than 200 concerts. In 2004, Axel also recorded a compilation album, De Punta A Punta: Lo Mejor De Axel.

    In 2008, the singer presented Universo. The fans were awaiting this LP for almost a year since it was announced in February 2007 at Festival de Viña del Mar. The album consists of 14 tracks, the most popular of which are "Panda", "Universe, and "Verte Reir". The last single topped the national chart. To support the album, Axel went on a tour, which ended with a big concert at Ferro of Buenos Aires Stadium in November 2009.

    In 2009, the singer released Todo mi Universo. Shortly after the release, he went on a long tour. More than 150,000 people attended Axel’s concerts in 2010.

    In 2011, Axel released a new LP, Un nuevo sol. He supported the album with numerous concerts, the tickets to which were often sold out.

    In 2014, the singer released Tus ojos, mis ojos.

    Throughout his career, Axel earned numerous awards and nominations, including MTV LA Award for "Best Southern Artist" and Premios Gardel.

    Axel continues recording new songs and performing live.

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