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  • Kimbra – singer and songwriter from New Zealand. Kimbra Lee Johnson was born on 27 March 1990 in Hamilton, New Zealand. Her parents didn’t have any connections to the music industry. Her father was a doctor while her mom worked as a nurse. Despite the lack of musical background, Kimbra became interesting in singing rather early. When she was 10, the aspiring musician began writing lyrics. Kimbra’s father approved of her hobby. He bought the girl a guitar when she was 12 years old. Even though Johnson didn’t take music lessons, she managed to win a singing concert in high school. Then she sang in a school jazz choir. When still a teenager, Kimbra filmed her first music video for a TV show. Johnson embarked on a music career in 2000 when she was invited to sing at Gold Cup Race. Two years later, she sang in front of 27,000 people at the New Zealand rugby championship. The young singer performed the national anthem. In 2007, Kimbra attended a music contest on Juice TV. Her song “Simply on My Lips” conquered the audience. After the contest, she was offered a contract with an independent label Forum 5. A year later, following the producer’s advice, the young woman moved to Australia. She settled in Melbourne.

    In 2010, the artist released a new single “Settle Down”, which brought her the first popularity. Later, in one of the interviews, she admitted that the recording of the song continued for 4 years. Thanks to the assistance of an Australian producer François Tétaz, she finally presented it to the fans. The single climbed to the 37th spot of the New Zealand Chart. In December, Kimbra worked with the band Miami Horror to record "I Look to You". At the beginning of 2011, the singer recorded “Cameo Lover”. The single became popular in Australia.

  • She presented it at Moomba Festival and ChillOut Festival.  In August 2011, the artist released a debut LP, Vows. It featured the already popular “Cameo Lovers” and “Settle Down”. The single “Good Intent” appeared on the 98th spot of the ARIA Singles Chart. The album also featured such popular songs as "Warrior", "Come into My Head", and "Two Way Street". The album itself settled on the 3rd spot of the New Zealand Albums chart, came in 4th on the ARIA Chart, and made it to the 14th position of Billboard 200. The LP became an international hit, appearing on the charts of Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada. After the album’s release, many fans tried to book Kimbra for numerous private events.

    The same year, Kimbra was invited to help recorded a single “Somebody That I Used to Know" by a popular Australian artist Gotye. The single became an international hit and conquered the charts. It brought Kimbra two Grammy Awards. In August 2014, Kimbra released her new LP, The Golden Echo. This time she worked with Warner Bros. Records, which promoted the album in the USA. The LP reached the 5th spot of ARIA and New Zealand Albums Chart. It appeared on the 43rd position of Billboard 200. The album was highly successful. It featured such songs as "90s Music", "Goldmine", "Miracle", "Teen Heat", "Carolina", "Madhouse", and others. In April 2018, Kimbra presented her next LP, Primal Heart. It featured such popular songs as. "Everybody Knows", "Human", "Top of the World", "Version of Me", and "Like They Do on the TV". The album climbed the 12th spot of the New Zealand Albums Chart and settled on the 31st position of ARIA Chart. It barely made it into Billboard 200, appearing on the 179th spot. The singer continues recording new songs and performing live.

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