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Adam Lambert

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  • Adam Lambert was born in 1982 to Leila and Eber Lambert. The life of the boy's parents was inseparable from creativity: Adam's mother worked as an interior designer, and his father was an artist. Therefore, it was quite expected that they introduced their son to art from childhood. He never remained idle - he studied singing, dancing, participated in school performances. Adam was a member of the school jazz ensemble MC Jazz, with which he also had to perform often. As a teenager, Lambert toured the United States and Europe with the hippie musical Hair as part of various theater companies. Performances with Lambert's participation have been staged on Broadway several times. Critics praised his success with positive reviews and singled him out from other actors in the same production. Despite the fact that his acting talent was obvious to many, the young man decided to associate his career with music.

    In 2004, Adam Lambert met Carmit Bachar of the pop group Pussycat Dolls, which had just opened the Freedom nightclub and invited Lambert to participate in cabaret shows. This is how Adam touched the world of pop music.

    Soon, Adam Lambert applied to be on the American Idol show. At the audition, he won over the jury and the audience, sang Michael Jackson's Rock With You and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Interest in the personality of the musician became even greater when rumors about his homosexuality appeared. In the American Idol finale, Adam Lambert performed accompanied by members of the legendary Queen band, who were idols of his youth for the singer. In the eighth season of the American Idol project, Adam took second place, but at the same time it cannot be said that he was in any way inferior to the winner, because it was Lambert who was able to achieve world fame in the future.

    Adam's debut album was recorded with the participation of Lady Gaga and Pink and was called For Your Entertainment. Adam Lambert co-wrote four songs on the record. The released compositions quickly became hits, and the singer was increasingly invited to perform at various ceremonies. The first official solo concert of a celebrity took place only in 2010 at one of the California music venues. Creativity also helps Adam to do charity work: in the early summer of 2012, Lambert performed at a free concert with the group Queen. The musicians dedicated their performance to the fight against AIDS. A little earlier in Adam's career, an important event took place - the release of his second studio album, which was called Trespassing.

    In 2015, the singer released his third album, The Original High, and the single "Ghost Town" wins fan recognition and becomes a hit.
    The first details about the personal life of Adam Lambert were shocking for the fans of the young singer: when he was still a member of American Idol, photographs of his kiss with a man became public. Adam did not disown them and stated that he had never hidden his sexual orientation. From 2010 to 2013, the singer met with the winner of the reality show "Big Brother" Sauli Koskinen. It is known that in his life, Lambert kissed a woman only once - with the singer Ke$ha


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