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  • BrainStorm is a Latvian band, which was established in 1989. They are mostly popular for their third place finish on Eurovision 2000. The song they performed was “My Star”. The lineup includes Renars Kaupers, Gundras Mausevics, Janis Jubalts, Maris Mihelsons, and Kaspars Roga.

    The band got together when the musicians were still in high school. However, the road to fame took longer than they expected. Even though the group was established in 1989, the band members recorded their debut album in 1997. The album exceeded their expectations. It became extremely popular in their native country. It became the first album in Latvia to get a golden certification.

    The success of the debut album allowed the band to sign a contract with a large record label EMI. The second album Among the Suns the band released as an international group. The LP was sold in 17 countries. The music videos “Under My Wings” and “Weekends are not My Happy Days” were conquering European music channels.

    In 2000, Brainstorm went to Eurovision and finished in third place.

    In 2001, they released their third album Online. It went platinum in Latvia. The single from that album “Maybe” was an MTV hit in Europe and Russia.

    In 2003, the band released their next album A Day Before Tomorrow. Right after the release, Brainstorm went on a European tour.

    In 2004, Gundras Mausevics tragically died and the band decided to keep his place vacant.

    In 2005, the band worked with a Russian group Bi-2 and recorded several popular songs. A year later, they released their fourth album Four Shores. A lead single from that album “Thunder Without Rain” became popular all over Europe and Russia.

    In 2006, the band received a European MTV Music Award for “The Best Baltic Act”.

    The band recorded three more albums. Years and Seconds (2010), Another Still Life (2012), and 7 Steps of Fresh Air (2015). In 2012, they received three awards at the Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards. They continue to give concerts all over Europe and Russia.

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