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  • Passenger - English musician Michael Davis or better known as Passenger has a very rich and interesting biography. The British singer and musician is a lyricist and has a fairly large audience among music lovers. The singer was born in one of the English cities, has the skills to play the guitar. Michael David Rosenberg (full name of the artist) was born in England, in Brighton and Hove, on May 17, 1984. After reaching the age of 16, the singer began his musical career. It was he, together with singer Andrew Phillips, who organized the famous and popular Passenger group, which is still popular today. The group was founded in 2003. The group consisted of 5 people, the guys created their only album called "Wicked Mans Rest". The album was released in 2007 and is still popular today. In 2013, the singer received an award for the best folk composition, David wrote most of the songs for his group himself.

    Since his school years, David has been studying music. No other subjects interested him. After he started performing at the age of 16, David began to further develop his career and founded the group. Even on this, the singer did not calm down and in 2019 released his own album, which brought him great popularity. The singer travels to concerts all over the world, he is noticed by producers, he receives international recognition and is very popular. According to the horoscope, the singer is Taurus, the singer is in the top 10 richest performers, does not have a second half. The artist has devoted his entire life to music and is still not going to stop his musical career. David has his own official page on the Internet and his own channel on YouTube. Since 2009, David began to build a career as an independent performer and is still popular today. Alternative music is performed by many people, already in many countries, connoisseurs of the alternative had the opportunity to get to know the singer's work better. Now he continues to work with music, has no desire to build his own family. The singer wrote many good and popular songs, which he performs on his own in front of an audience of millions. At first, the artist gave free concerts, and now his financial condition is one of the best.

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