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  • In the year 2021, EKKSTACY marked the turning of 19. It was a period of prolific creation, with the unveiling of his inaugural album—an odyssey that now boasts an impressive 24 million Spotify streams. He traversed the globe on tour, metamorphosing into a more self-assured artist with each performance. EKKSTACY, a luminary from Vancouver, artfully amalgamates indie, post-punk, synth-wave, and alternative influences. His fusion of lo-fi production and intimate songwriting presents a captivating overture to his sonic universe. In this juncture, EKKSTACY radiates with heightened confidence and energy.

    Above all, immersing oneself in EKKSTACY's sonic tapestry feels akin to a therapeutic journey. His poetic expressions deftly navigate the labyrinth of love, loss, and the tumultuous currents of emotion. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Elliott Smith, The Drums, and Bon Iver, EKKSTACY transmutes personal experiences into musical landscapes. The crucible of high school witnessed him confronting a drug-induced psychosis, and amidst mounting pressures, the act of creating music evolved into a cathartic release. As he matures, the shadows in his discography dissipate, yet the same emotive narrative persists—a harmonious blend of nostalgia and modernity, forging a distinct and cohesive sound.

    “2021 unfolded as perhaps the zenith of my existence,” he confides. “A revelation that Paris is a place where my roots must one day delve; a sentiment crystallized during the resonance of my tour performances there.” Poised on the brink of a new epoch in 2022, EKKSTACY meticulously crafts a project named "Misery," a venture bubbling with anticipation. The next chapter beckons, with plans to relocate to the creative crucible of LA, where he envisions a continuous evolution of his artistic enterprise.

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