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  • Poundz, born Aaron Davies, is a dynamic UK artist who has rapidly gained prominence within the urban music scene. Hailing from South London, Poundz has carved a niche for himself with his infectious energy, distinctive sound, and charismatic presence. Rising to fame with his breakthrough single "Opp Thot" in 2019, Poundz quickly captivated listeners with his unique blend of drill and rap. The track's catchy hooks and energetic delivery showcased Poundz's ability to create anthems that resonate with the youth culture.

    Known for his upbeat and lively tracks, Poundz continued to make waves with subsequent releases like "Smooth Criminal" and "Skengman." His music often reflects the realities of urban life, combining gritty lyricism with infectious beats, making him a standout figure in the evolving UK drill scene. Poundz's success extends to the digital realm, where his music videos accumulate millions of views on platforms like YouTube. His social media presence further amplifies his connection with fans, offering glimpses into his life, performances, and the creative process behind his music.

    Beyond his musical contributions, Poundz's impact lies in his ability to bring a fresh perspective to the UK music landscape. His tracks resonate with a diverse audience, and his crossover appeal has solidified his status as an artist with the potential for broad international recognition. As Poundz continues to navigate the complexities of the music industry, his authenticity and commitment to his craft shine through. His infectious energy, coupled with a dedication to staying true to his roots, positions him as a rising star within the UK urban music scene, ready to leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

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