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  • BROCKHAMPTON, an American musical collective, emerged in 2015, reshaping the hip-hop landscape with their innovative blend of rap, pop, and R&B. Formed by Kevin Abstract, the group originated on an online forum before moving to a house in South Central Los Angeles, where they lived and created together, fostering a unique collaborative environment. Their debut mixtape, "All-American Trash" (2016), laid the groundwork for their genre-defying approach, showcasing their diverse talents and experimental production. BROCKHAMPTON gained widespread attention with their "SATURATION" trilogy, released in 2017. Each album, "SATURATION," "SATURATION II," and "SATURATION III," received critical acclaim for their raw lyricism, infectious hooks, and genre-blurring sound. Led by Abstract's introspective verses, the group addresses themes of identity, mental health, and the struggles of youth in America. Tracks like "GOLD" and "SWEET" became anthems for a generation grappling with issues of self-expression and acceptance.

    BROCKHAMPTON's rapid rise to fame was propelled by their DIY ethos and grassroots marketing strategies, cultivated through social media and a relentless work ethic. Their debut studio album, "iridescence" (2018), marked a departure from the "SATURATION" series, exploring darker themes and more polished production. Despite facing setbacks, including the departure of founding member Ameer Vann due to misconduct allegations, BROCKHAMPTON persevered, channeling their experiences into their music. The group's resilience was evident in their subsequent releases, including "GINGER" (2019) and "ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE" (2021), which continued to push boundaries and defy genre conventions. BROCKHAMPTON's impact extends beyond music, as they challenge stereotypes and champion inclusivity within the industry. With their dynamic live performances and bold artistic vision, BROCKHAMPTON has cemented their status as one of the most influential collectives in contemporary music, inspiring fans worldwide with their authenticity and innovation.

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