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Carla`s Dreams

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  • Carla's Dreams is an anonymous musical group from the Republic of Moldova. The band is a non-profit project made up of several musicians.

    Moldovan music project called Carla`s Dreams started its career in 2012. The group consists of faceless artists. They sing in three different languages – English, Romanian and Russian. The main feature of the collective is its appearance – the frontman masks his face during concerts.

    Their sound is a mix of different styles like jazz, hip hop, pop and rock. Their debut release «Dă-te» ("Get Off") won huge praise.

    In 2013 Carla`s Dreams launched P.O.H.U.I. song in collaboration with Inna. Last year they released Cum ne noi ("How We Us") and Da, mamă ("Yes, Mother") in collaboration with Delia.

    In 2016 their Sub pielea mea track peaked at the #1 spot on the Russian iTunes Store.

    In 2012, Moldovan musicians decided to form a group, without knowing each other. The team members do not want to disclose their names and details of their personal lives. In addition, they declare that they have no professional musical education or any musical specialization.

    All the voices that are heard in the compositions do not lend themselves to preprocessing, however, musicians often experiment with genres and directions. The group performs songs in English, Russian and Romanian. Carla's Dreams work in several musical styles: jazz, pop, rock and hip-hop.

    According to some reports, it is known that the name of the group comes from the character of the literary novel Karl. The word "Karla" is an acronym that the project participants are going to decipher in the foreseeable future.

  • When the musical group became recognizable, the musicians chose not to declassify their faces. The soloist and other members of the band always perform on stage with glasses and full makeup on their faces. The musicians believe that the anonymity of the project enables the band's fans to better focus on lyrics and music.

    From the beginning of the group's existence, its members did not consider anonymity as a strategy, but later it became clear that this was an effective marketing ploy. The members of the collective want in this way to free themselves from the oppression of the public.

    Some time ago, journalists conducted a real investigation and found out who exactly is the leader of the team. It turned out to be a young man named Andrei Tserush, who had previously performed in the In Quadro group. It is known that Cerush is Moldovan, he was born in Slobodzey on October 25, 1984. Thanks to Andrey, songs with Delia, Inna and Loredana Groza became famous. There is information that Cerush graduated from the Faculty of Public Law of one of the Chisinau universities.

    The young man has already confirmed that he is working in the Carla’s Dreams project, but he did not say what mask he was hiding under. Such conclusions became possible after viewing the photograph taken at the presentation of the singer Dara's video "In Love".

    The first song of the group Carla's Dreams was the hit "Get Out". In the spring of 2013, the project released the P.O.H.U.I video together with the Romanian singer Inna.

    The group is very different from other projects of the Moldovan show business, including due to the use of special slang, different musical styles and lyrics about everyday life.

    The band already has an electronic album and several singles. The opening clip was created together with the singer Dara. Also Carla's Dreams in 2013 launched a project with Loredana "My World" and several compositions with Delia.

    The project participants have optimistic plans for the future, popularity is not their most important value. The musicians are primarily interested in the development within the framework of the project and the improvement of their creations.

    Recently, the collective was called "the favorite among anonymous", which was an adequate assessment of their musical achievements. The Moldovan project Carla’s Dreams has over a dozen compositions and several popular clips in its arsenal.

    The group became the leader of the Moldovan music market, and after the video called Sub Pielea Mea they were recognized by almost the whole world!

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