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  • Sandra (real name Sandra Ann Lauer) is a legendary pop singer from Germany. Already when she was a child, Sandra had a great passion for music and dances. At the age of seven she started attending music school and took dance lessons while attending a course of guitar playing. Sandra's debut performance to the audience was at the festival of young stars in the hometown Saarbrücken, where Sandra has attracted the attention of many viewers and music critics. In August 1976 she released her first single titled "Andy, Mein Freund".

    In 1979, Sandra began her career in a band "Arabesque". The band became popular not only in the “old world” but also in Asia. In 1984, after the contract with "Arabesque" has been expired, she decided to start a solo career.

    First solo album"The Long Play" was released in November 1985. It had a huge success, rising in the "twenty" charts not only in Germany but worldwide. The success was repeated with the next albums, the most popular hit was "Everlasting Love".

    In the late 1980s, the singer became the main voice in a legendary project "Enigma".

    Currently Sandra is actively performing and releasing new albums. Her album "Back to Life" was released in 2009. The singer tells the album was recorded in a dance style and this time it was set up without anyone's help.

    Blank & Jones album was released on April 27, 2012 Blank & Jones, and the new single "Maybe Tonight" was recorded in may.

    In September 2012 Sandra presented her new song "Infinite Kiss" live on Polish television channel TVN.

    In October 2012 the worldwide release of her highly anticipated tenth studio album "Stay In Touch" was made. Book a celebrity on our website online!

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