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  • Savage (real name Robert Zanetti) was born in Italy on November 28, 1956. He is recognized all over the world for his work as a singer, producer, and composer. His career started in 1983 and continues until today. Zanetti works with italo disco music genre. Music was Robert’s hobby until, at 14, he learned how to play the piano. For a short time, he performed with relatively unknown bands, such as "L’inchiesta", "Fathima E I Pronipoti", and "I Sangriа", playing the keyboard. Savage’s first professional experience came when he worked with Santarosa band. They recorded a single “Souvenir”, which sold 200,000 copies in Italy.

    In 1983, Roberto started working with his own group Taxi. They recorded two singles “To Miami” and “Kapsi Cum”. In the end of the year, Zanetti took pseudonym Savage and recorded his first hit single “Don’t Cry Tonight”, which gained huge popularity all over Europe. He followed with a single “Only You”, which is currently considered the classic example of the italo disco genre. After the success of “Don’t You Cry”, Savage was invited to work at various music shows, such as “Mister Fantasy”, “Pronto Raffaella”, and “Azzurro”. His performances were always a hit, especially in Italy and Spain. People were crying at his concerts and young women were following him everywhere.

    In 1984, Savage recorded his first album “Tonight”. Almost all of the songs from that album, such as Radio, Time, and Only You, became great hits.

    In 1989, Savage recorded one of his best hits “I Just Died in Your Arms”, which was a remake of the famous son by Cutting Crew. The same year he released “The Greatest Hits” album.

    In 1994, Savage released a single “Don’t You Want Me” and turned to producing. Only 15 years later, in 2009, he recorded another single “Twothousandnine”. Then he went on a four-year break, which resulted in the 2013 release of “Save Me”. In 2016, he recorded another single “And You Are”. Right now Savage is mostly focusing on his producing career.

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