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Black Stone Cherry

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  • Black Stone Cherry, the Southern rock powerhouse hailing from Edmonton, Kentucky, is a force to be reckoned with in the modern rock landscape. Formed in 2001, the band consists of Chris Robertson (vocals/guitar), Ben Wells (guitar/vocals), Jon Lawhon (bass/vocals), and John Fred Young (drums/vocals).

    With a sound rooted in Southern rock traditions, Black Stone Cherry infuses their music with bluesy grit, arena-sized riffs, and soul-stirring melodies. Their self-titled debut album (2006) marked the beginning of a journey that has seen them carve out a distinct niche in the rock genre.

    Black Stone Cherry's breakthrough came with the release of "Lonely Train," a track that showcased their raw energy and earned them a dedicated fanbase. Subsequent albums, including "Folklore and Superstition" (2008), "Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea" (2011), and "Magic Mountain" (2014), solidified their status as modern rock titans.

    The band's ability to seamlessly blend hard-hitting rock anthems with heartfelt ballads sets them apart. Chris Robertson's soulful vocals, coupled with the band's tight musicianship, create a sonic landscape that resonates with fans across the globe.

  • Black Stone Cherry's live performances are legendary, characterized by an electrifying energy that transforms their shows into communal celebrations of rock 'n' roll. From intimate club gigs to major festivals, they deliver a visceral experience that leaves a lasting impact.

    As ambassadors of Southern rock, Black Stone Cherry continues to evolve, embracing new sonic territories while staying true to their roots. Their resilience and commitment to authenticity have garnered critical acclaim and earned them a place among the torchbearers of modern rock.

    With each album, Black Stone Cherry invites listeners on a sonic journey where the spirit of the South meets the unbridled energy of rock. As they carry the Southern rock torch into the future, Black Stone Cherry remains a testament to the enduring power of genuine, soul-stirring rock music.

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