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  • Borgeous – DJ and producer

    Borgeous is the pseudonym of an American DJ John Borger, who is also a talented music producer. Borger was a big fan of music since childhood, and he managed to turn a hobby into a successful career. The artist’s songs aren’t just popular in the United States, he has fans in many other countries.

    Boregous began releasing solo tracks in 2013. One of his first singles was "From Cali With Love", which brought the artist numerous fans. After the release, John’s career began moving forward quickly. Many celebrities wanted to work with them. For a long time, Borger has been searching for a unique style. He always wanted to be different from other artists. With time, the artist managed to achieve that and much more. Today, John’s songs are easy to recognize thanks to their originality. Many fans want to book Borgeous for private events.

    After "From Cali With Love" came out, Borgeous continued recording hits. Some of the early successful singles were "GANGSTEROUS", "Rags to Riches", and "AGGRO". After some time in the studio, the singer came up with a hit single “Tsunami”. He recorded it with a Canadian duo DVBSS, which is famous for its electronic music. The single brought Borger international popularity. It reached high spots in numerous charts and became platinum twice.

  • It’s worth noting that soon after “Tsunami’s” release, there was confusion about who the song belongs to. It was played at different festivals and earned positive reviews from many listeners. However, the authorship wasn’t clear. Some people thought that it was Sander van Doorn’s (a Dutch musician). Later, the British DJ, Pete Tong, explained to the fans that “Tsunami” is a joint project by Borgeous and DVBSS.

    In August 2013, Pete Tong performed this song on a popular show on BBC Radio 1. After that, Billboard magazine called it the most popular track at the electronic music festival Tomorrowland. The single was officially released by Doorn Records at the end of August. In just one week, it topped Beatport Top 100. In 15 countries, the song topped iTunes charts and became the track of the year. It was also nominated for a Juno award for the best dance recording of the year.

    Borgeous’ popularity was growing fast. He acquired numerous fans, earned thousands of positive reviews, and performed at different music festivals. In October 2013, the artist signed a contract with Spinnin' Records. Next year, his songs kept appearing in the top 10 of the Billboard Dance Radio chart. The same year, he released two hits, "Wildfire" и "Invincible". The latter reached the 2nd spot of SiriusXM's BPM Radio chart while the former came in 14th on the same chart. That year, Borger reached the 87 position of the best DJ rating according to DJ Mag.

    In 2014, Borgeous released a remix to the single "Ten Feet Tall", performed by Afrojack and Wrabel. The single came out with the support of Universal Music. The same year, he recorded several popular remixes to the singles "My Sweet Summer" by Ariana Grande and "Night Lights" by K Theory.

    In 2015, the musician released several new singles, including such popular songs as “This Could Be Love", "They Don't Know Us", "Big Bang", "Zero Gravity", "Machi", "Sins", and "Lovestruck". To record the majority of them, he invited different popular artists. Songs made it into different charts in the USA and beyond.

    In August 2016, the artist presented his debut LP with the support of Geousus Records and Armada Music. The album with a short name, 13, topped iTunes. The track list featured singles recorded with the assistance of such popular artists as Loud Luxury, Fatman Scoop, Lil Jon, and Sean Paul.

    The single “Toast” created with Waka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, and DJ Whoo Kid became Borgeous’ next big hit. In 2018, he recorded an EP, Dear Me, with the support of Geousus Records. Next year, Borger presented another EP, Lights Out.

    In 2019, Borgeous also recorded single "Leave" with Jordyn Jones and "Better Anyway" with Runaground.

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