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David Vendetta

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  • David Vendetta was born on August 25, 1968, in France. He is a DJ and a dance producer. Vendetta released 2 studio albums and 19 singles. His most famous songs are “Love To Love You Baby”, “Break for Love”, and “Hold That Sucker Down”.

    David Vendetta (real name David Paparusso) has 7 siblings and his mother was bringing them all up alone. Since he was a child, David liked percussions. When he turned 12, the DJ-to-be managed to build his own drum set from whatever equipment he could find and started playing music. After a while, he became interested in electronic music. At that time, his favorite artists were Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre. After moving to Paris, Vendetta started playing his music in different nightclubs of the French capital.

    In 2006, David released a hit song “Love To Love You Baby”. It was recorded together with Donna Summer. This single made him popular and earned the artist international recognition. The single reached the 20th spot on the French Singles Chart. A year later, David released another hit “Unidos Para La Musica”. This song reached the 5th spot on the French Singles Chart.

    In 2007, David released his first studio album Rendez Vous. The LP reached the 16th spot on the French Albums Chart. When creating his first album, David collaborated with such famous artists as Akram, Barbara Tucker, Rachael Starr, David Goncalvez, Keith Thompson, and Audrey Valorzi. The same year Vendetta received an award as the best French DJ at the NRJ Music Awards.

    In 2010, Vendetta released his second studio album Vendetta. Even though it was popular among his fans, the LP didn’t manage o make it into the charts. While recording this album, he worked with such artists as Tara McDonald, Rachael Starr, David Goncalvez, and Alim Qasimov.

    David hosts his own party called Cosa Nostra, which is organized twice a month at the Mix Club in Paris. He also hosts a popular radio show on the stations FunRadio and Radio FG.

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