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Nina Kraviz

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  • Nina Kraviz is a Russian-born electronic music producer, singer, and DJ known for her deep and soulful mixes, as well as her eclectic production style. Born in 1985 in Irkutsk, Siberia, Kraviz grew up in a musical family, with her father playing the guitar and her mother singing. She began playing piano at the age of seven and later studied dentistry at medical school. However, it was her love of music that ultimately led her to pursue a career in the industry. In the early 2000s, she moved to Moscow to pursue her music career, where she began DJing and hosting a radio show on Radio Record. She quickly gained recognition for her sets, which often included a diverse range of styles, from techno to house to ambient music. Kraviz's rise to fame began with her debut single, "Voices," which was released on the Underground Quality label in 2009. The track showcased her signature deep and haunting sound, and helped establish her as a rising talent in the underground music scene. Since then, Kraviz has released several acclaimed EPs and albums, including her debut album "Nina Kraviz" in 2012, which received widespread critical acclaim and earned her a spot on the BBC's Sound of 2012 list.

    Kraviz is also known for her dynamic live performances, which have taken her to some of the world's most iconic music venues and festivals. She has headlined events such as Awakenings Festival, Sonar, and Movement, and has played at clubs like Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London. Kraviz is also a respected radio host, and has hosted her own radio show, "Trip," on the British station NTS Radio since 2015. In addition to her music career, Kraviz is also a vocal advocate for gender equality and diversity in the music industry. She has spoken out about the challenges faced by women and minorities in the industry, and has worked to promote greater representation and inclusivity. Kraviz's unique sound and pioneering spirit have made her one of the most influential figures in the global electronic music scene. Her passion for music and commitment to diversity and inclusivity continue to inspire and influence a new generation of artists and fans around the world.

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