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  • Mefjus, the Austrian-born drum and bass virtuoso, stands as a stalwart figure in the electronic music realm, commanding attention with his groundbreaking productions and electrifying performances. With an innate ability to fuse innovation with raw energy, Mefjus has become synonymous with the cutting edge of the drum and bass scene.

    Hailing from Linz, Mefjus, whose real name is Martin Schober, first made waves with his debut album "Emulation" in 2014. This seminal work showcased his mastery of intricate sound design, relentless basslines, and a penchant for pushing sonic boundaries. The album received critical acclaim, cementing Mefjus as a frontrunner in the evolution of drum and bass.

    His productions are characterized by meticulous attention to detail, a trait that has earned him respect across the global electronic music community. Mefjus' tracks are a sonic journey through complex rhythms and futuristic textures, capturing the essence of drum and bass while pushing the genre into uncharted territories.

  • Beyond the studio, Mefjus' prowess extends to the stage, where he transforms his sonic landscapes into visceral experiences for audiences worldwide. His DJ sets are a testament to his technical dexterity, seamlessly blending diverse sub-genres within drum and bass while maintaining an infectious energy that keeps dancefloors alive.

    Collaborations with industry heavyweights, including Noisia, Phace, and Camo & Krooked, have further solidified Mefjus' position as a luminary in the drum and bass community. These collaborations showcase his versatility, as he effortlessly navigates various styles while consistently pushing the envelope.

    As a label owner, Mefjus founded "Vision Recordings" in collaboration with Phace, providing a platform for like-minded artists to explore the fringes of electronic music. The label has become synonymous with quality and innovation, reflecting Mefjus' commitment to nurturing talent and shaping the future of drum and bass.

    Mefjus' impact on the drum and bass landscape is not just about the present; it's about shaping the future of the genre. With an unwavering dedication to pushing sonic boundaries and an ever-growing list of achievements, Mefjus stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring producers and a force to be reckoned with on the global stage of electronic music.

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