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John Digweed

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  • John Digweed was born on January 1, 1967, in Hastings, England. He is a DJ, record producer, and actor. He is particularly famous for such songs as “Heavy Scent”, “What You Dream Of”, and “Voices”. John Digweed started DJing when he was just 13 years old. When he turned 15, his name became famous at the acid house parties in his local town of Hastings. John’s career got a jump-start when he met a famous DJ Alexander Coe better known as DJ Sasha. Together with the administrators of the Renaissance club, Sasha listened to Digweed’s work and enjoyed his demo songs and mixes. John was offered a job in London. Together with Sasha, Digweed became a famous “prophet” of the progressive trance and progressive house style in the UK. Thanks to Sasha and John, the progressive style attracted the attention of music lovers from all over the world and became mainstream just like traditional dance music. Digweed became the first British DJ in history to receive a residency status in the nightclub Twilo. For many years, his name was part of the top-10 best DJ list. In 2001, he earned the DJ Number 1 title.

    John is also known for his work under a pseudonym Bedrock. Bedrock is not just a promotion agency and a series of parties, it’s also a duo consisting of two producers (John and Nick Muir).Together their released several huge club hits, such as “Heavy Scent” and “What You Dream Of”. They also worked as composers on the movie Stark Raving Mad and the animated movie Spiderman. The Bedrock label helped jump start the carriers of such artists as Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, Danny Howells, and Phil Thompson. The Bedrock parties stated in 1998 inside the London club Heaven. A year later, they spread all over the world. Basement Jaxx, Grooverider, Adam Freeland, Slacker, Hybrid and other dance floor celebrities consider it an honor to perform at the Bedrock parties. The Muzik magazine put Bedrock on top of the 21 clubs of the 21st century. In 2010, John was placed on the 29th spot during the Top 100 DJs vote by DJ Mag. In the middle of 2016, he was at the 43rd spot. Digweed continues to create new music and performs live.

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