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Infinity Ink

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  • The DJ duo Infinity Ink was formed in 2012 in London. It consists of Luca C and Briton Ali Love. They are particularly famous for their singles “Games” and “Infinity”. The two friends used to be part of a duo called The Benedictions. They performed 1960’s and 70’s folk music. They changed the name to Infinity Ink after going on a tour in Moldova where they noticed the title written on one of the factory walls. They changed Infinity Inc. to Infinity Ink and proceeded with a brand new career. Besides being The Benedictions, Ali and Luc took on various gigs. They played with a variety of different bands, performed at famous and not-so-famous London night clubs. They collaborated with such artists as Justice, Robert Owners, and Chemical brothers. They were also a part of the band called Hot Natured. They work with Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations.

    The debut song “Games” was recorded with Hot Creations. It became one of the most successful tracks created by the duo. The folk acoustic guitar sound turned into funk and brought the duo new fans and local recognition. The next hit single “Infinity” (2012) became a real hit. It topped the Belgium Ultratop Chart and reached the 20th spot on the French Singles Chart. The music video was watched on YouTube more than 7 million times. It used to be an underground anthem. Then it turned into a huge hit on Ibiza and achieved amazing access throughout Europe. It’s surprising that a funk single can make such a quick trip to success. After the song became an Ibiza anthem, the duo gained international popularity. While funk music seemed to be their forte, Ali and Luca proceeded to record a completely different song “Aya”, which included elements of psychedelic rock from the 1960’s. The duo is famous for its surprising music experiments. They tour the world, including North and South America. They continue to record new music and perform live at night clubs in their native London and all over the world.

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