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Andy C

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  • Andy C was born in Hornchurch, England. He is a famous DJ and record producer. He is also known for being a co-founder of RAM records. Andy C’s real name is Andrew Clarke. He holds several awards.

    Andy C was interested in music when he was still a child. Just like many artists, he was influenced by his older sibling’s preferences. When Andy was 5, his parents bought him a drum kit, which he mastered in a moment. When he was 13, Andy’s sister took him to a rave. He started to really listen to music only when he became a teenager. That’s when he realized that this hobby may turn into a career.

    When Andy was 15, his father bought him a computer and sampler, on which he started experimenting with music. One of his older friends took him and his computer to a recording studio. That’s when he first started producing music. Andrew was so involved in making the music and did so well that he decided to pursue a music career when he was just 16. He made a decision to establish his own record label. Together with his sister, Andy started working on the logo for RAM Records.

  • At the same time, he met Red One, who was already DJing at parties. He invited Andrew to one of his parties and he was very impressed with the way the DJ worked and how the crowd responded to his music. Andrew realized at that time that he wanted to be a DJ. He saved up some money to buy Soundabs. He was working on the music all night long and going to school in the morning.

    Andrew had his tunes released on other labels before RAM. But when his started his own label, the pride Andrew felt releasing his own records on his own label was immense. He was releasing records with the help of Scott, who assisted Andrew with getting his first gigs.

    In 1999, Andrew started playing at FabricLive. It seemed as if he reached the goal he was always dreaming of. The performance in the famous nightclub helped Andy get some media attention.

    In 2012, Andrew started a new project Andy C live, which employs custom made software to create a unique sound. Today Andy C is one of the most famous UK DJs.

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