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  • Enigma is a music project from German. It was founded in 1990 by Michael Cretu, who is a producer and a song writer of the project. Sandra Cretu was a solo singer of Enigma. It is interesting to note, that Sandra is an ex-wife of Michael. Enigma was created under the label Virgin Records. The project's music is a mix of chill-out, new age, downbeat, ambient and experimental music. Michael wanted Enigma to be something strange and mysterious for people, so nobody knew the names of the creators for a long period of time.

    Michael Cretu started his music career long before Enigma was founded. He released his own solo albums and he was also a producer of his wife Sandra, who was a very famous singer in the 80-s. He also took part in releasing album for Boney M and Arabesque. Enigma's debut album "MCMXC a.d." was launched in 1990. 25 million copies have been sold. There was a track called "Sadeness (Part I)", and it gained popularity immediately. Sandra and Michael's unusual approach to music couldn't leave cold. It was an unexpected commercial success. Other musicians started to create their own projects which were similar to Enigma, and they called their music "enigmatic". "MCMXC a.d." earned over 50 platinum sales awards worldwide All in all, the project has eight studio albums and 19 singles.
    Enigma's atmospheric music with its Gregorian chants, dance beats and a little bit of vocals have become a signature plank of its art. The project's music is described as "a new collage of music,  rhythm and feelings".  "There are no words to explain music. Music explains itself", - Michael Cretu says.  Enigma is a studio project, so it never tours and performs at stages.  Such tracks as "Beyond the invisible", "Return to Innocence", "Principle of List", "Sadeness Part (1)" were used as soundtracks for TV-shows and films.

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