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Daniel Luna

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  • Daniel Luna Villarreal was born in Monterrey (Nuevo Leon, Mexico) on 24 October. He attended UDEM Monterrey University and majored in industrial engineering. Even though he was dreaming about a music career, Luna graduated from the university before pursuing it. This speaks for his motivation and sense of purpose.Since early childhood, Daniel loved music. He really liked singing and often performed in front of friends and family. A little later, he managed to land roles in such theater plays as Vaselina, Tom Sawyer, and Que Plantón. Even though Luna had great acting skills, he never turned away from his dream of becoming a singer.

    When Daniel turned 17, he performed at the Monterrey Music event “Festival de la Canción”. The festival was organized by the famous company Grupo Alfa. Daniel won the singing contest. Soon Luna started writing lyrics. In a few years, he signed contracts with several artists in his native town. That is when he finally started making a living in the music industry.

  • After becoming successful as a songwriter, Luna decided to go further and record his own studio album. However, he had a hard time finding a label, which would work with him. Finally, Daniel managed to sign a contract with Warner Music International. In 2001, he recorded his first studio album En tus Manos. The LP became very popular in Mexico, mostly due to the single “El Besito Cachichurris.” The music magazine Furia Musical called Daniel Luna The Revelation of The Year.

    Some time later, Luna recorded two more albums Cerca de Ti и Simplemente. After releasing each album, he went on promotion tours. Luna travelled and performed all over Mexico and visited some of the southern USA states. Each new album brought the artist more popularity. It was hard to book Daniel Luna for any event in Mexico or abroad.

    Currently, Luna works with such famous companies as Warner Music, Universal, and Peermusic. Recently he signed a contract with Manaus Records. Today he is a producer and an art director of Manaus’ regional branch called Dasmi Music

    Luna is actively working on recording new albums and promoting different artists. In 2006, he helped his friend, an actor and singer Jose Louis Resendez, record his first LP. Daniel continues performing live and working on new music.

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