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Lucas Arnau

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  • Lucas Arnau – Columbian singer and songwriter. Lucas Arnau was born in Medellin, Columbia on 16 May 1979. Ever since he was a young boy, Lucas loved music thanks to his father, Michel Arnau, who was a singer. He taught his son to play the guitar and enjoy music. Lucas’s mother Maria Teresa Fernandez worked in an advertising agency and enjoyed music as well. She tried to teach her son to be creative. Lucas wrote his first song when he was still in middle school. When the boy turned 11 years old, parents sent him to the United States to study. In the USA, Arnau studied in school and took music lessons. Two years later, he returned to Columbia to finish high school. Back then, the talented boy performed at different school-related events. When Lucas finished high school, he enrolled at the University of California, where he studied film production. That’s when his music career took off. To the USA, Lucas took his guitar, a player and a disc with his father’s songs. This set of mementos wasn’t just a way to remember his home. It pushed the young man to write his own songs. 

    The early songs written by Arnau were very similar to his father’s work. But with time, Lucas developed his own style. In 2004, Arnau signed a contract with Sony Music and released his first album Un Poco Mas. The LP became very popular in Latin America. It was produced by Jose Gaviria and Andres Munera. In 2006, Lucas recorded his second LP Rompecabezas. The album was very popular in Latin America, especially in Columbia and Peru. Arnau coproduced the LP. The artist’s popularity was growing with the speed of light. It was becoming impossible to book Lucas Arnau for any event. Each day his schedule was becoming busier and busier. In 2007, Shock Magazine called Lucas Arnau the Best Columbian Pop Artist. In 2010, Lucas released another album, Feliz. The LP was just as popular as his previous work. In 2015, he recorded Buen Camino. The LP conquered the hearts of Lucas’s Latin American fans and was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. The last Lucas’s album to date Teatro (2017) was also nominated for a Latin Grammy Awards as Best Contemporary Tropical Album. Lucas Arnau is very busy with his music career. He writes new hits and gives live concerts in Latin America and abroad.

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