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Aya Nakamura

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  • Ava Nakamura - On June 12, 2020, Colombian singer and composer Maluma decided to delight fans with a summer novelty. A second life with the help of his remix was given to the mega-popular one hundred percent hit Djadja of the French R'n'B diva Ai Nakamura, who in 2018 conquered many prestigious charts and hearts around the world. The video posted on YouTube was enjoyed by almost 600 million users by the above date.

    On the 10th day of May 1995, Danioko's spouses, who lived in Bamako, received congratulations on the birth of Aya's first child. Subsequently, four more children of different sexes appeared in the family. At an early age, the girl, together with adults, moved to the northeastern suburb of France called Onet-sous-Bois, which is translated into Russian as "alder grove." Therefore, it is not surprising that this particular tree flaunts on the emblem of the settlement.

    The mother of the future star of the French R'n'B belonged to griots - representatives of a separate caste of professional singers, musicians and storytellers, often sang at weddings and called her gifted heiress "the president's daughter."

    Her parents taught her two main things - wisdom and patience.

    “If you come from the Griot family, you are automatically classified on this basis. The Griots were engaged in telling stories about the life of people in the villages and mainly performed the role of the media, ”the celebrity explained in an interview.

    On Sundays, numerous relatives gathered at a large table, and aunts and uncles made every effort to pass on the knowledge of Malian culture to their nephews. By the way, the artist herself does not believe that she is continuing the traditions of the above-mentioned narrow endogamous group, since their work is different from each other.

  • Remembering her childhood, Nakamura said that she had a rebellious character, and her idol was Umu Sangare - a performer, public figure and active fighter for women's rights, an opponent of child marriage and polygamy. As for the stage name, the girl took it in honor of Hiro Nakamura, a fictional character in the American TV series "Heroes" who knew how to change the flow of time, teleport and travel into the past and present.

    Nature turned out to be generous to the dark-skinned beauty (height 174 cm and weight 65 kg), endowing with sensual lips and an appetizing figure, shown by her in open and closed swimsuits or too tight and low-cut outfits. With her stylish photographs published on Instagram, the performer is always admired by men and envy by women.

    Aya's personal life is not particularly covered. It is only known that in 2016 the celebrity had a daughter named Aisha, about whose father additional information was not provided. Being a mother and a real star for her is like going to two jobs. The French singer admits that she is tirelessly working on family relationships, although it is not easy.

    In his free time from concerts, rehearsals, recording new tracks, Nakamura travels. When traveling, she is not afraid to saddle a camel or an ATV.

    Before seriously taking up music, Aya was fond of fashion and took relevant lessons at La Courneuve. But in the end, the desire to sing overpowered, and the girl dropped out of high school a year before graduation, plunging headlong into creativity.

    The rising star posted her first song, Karma, on Facebook in 2014 at the age of 19. Then, with the help of Seysey, J'ai mal appeared, the video for which did not go unnoticed on YouTube.

    Dembo's longtime friend Camara retrained from a salesman to a friend's personal manager and producer. The next two singles - Brise and Love d'un Voyou - also made a splash on the video hosting. Soon, the girl took the stage in front of an audience of thousands - she was lucky enough to perform at the Stade Modibo Keïta stadium as the opening act for Davido.

  • The singer's professional biography was written rapidly. In 2016, she found herself on the Rec. 118 and delighted the growing army of fans with the new Super Heros, created with the direct participation of Gradur. A year later, on August 25, 2017, it was time for Journal Intime's debut album, which received platinum certification.

    On April 6, 2018, the melodic Djadja "shot" - the hit turned out to be gold in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Austria, double platinum in the Netherlands and three times in Belgium, diamond in France, etc. In Holland, the celebrity managed to become the second French performer to reach such heights, after the legendary Edith Piaf and her Non, je ne regrette rien. The Copines track has conquered the prestigious charts and acquired the brilliance of a cut diamond.

    In 2018, the discography of the native of Mali was replenished with a personalized collection, seven compositions from it simultaneously entered the top 10 of Ai's second native country. Awards for fruitful and high-quality work were not long in coming. The young woman earned a European Music Moves Talent Award, became "one of the most important artists in Europe right now, musically and socially," according to The New York Times, and her Djadja and Pookie made their way into the Shazam Global 100.

    In March 2019, starting with Marseille, Aya went on her first tour, tickets for which sold like hotcakes. The celebrity reissued the album "Nakamura", won the title of "Most Popular French Artist" on YouTube and Spotify, and released several more megapopular hits and clips for them.

    In June 2020, Aya took part in the #BlackOutTuesday flash mob launched in memory of George Floyd and solidarity with victims of racism and police violence.


    2017 - Journal Intime

    2018 - Nakamura

    2019 - Nakamura. Deluxe Edition

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