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Monica Freire

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  • Monica Freire was born in a Brazilian state Bahia on 28 July 1971. Monica has African, Syrian, Lebanese, and Portuguese roots. Bahia is a very beautiful state with coffee plantations, bright sun, and sandy beaches. These natural riches inspired many artists and Freire wasn’t an exception. Even though, today, Monica lives in Canada, the beauty of her native country still helps her find inspiration. Freire loved music since childhood. By the time she was a teenager, Monica had impressive music experience. She sang in choirs and took numerous music lessons. When Freire turned 15, she created her own band. The career breakthrough took place two years later. She was invited to become a vocalist of Bloco Pinel group and replaced a Brazilian star, Daniela Mercury. Even though Monica was still very young, she quickly became popular and performed at the most famous stages in Brazil. Thanks to the quick-found fame, it was nearly impossible to book Monica Freire for any event.

    When the artist turned 18, she decided that the time has come to conquer the rest of the world. At first, Monica decided to visit the Caribbean island St. Maarten. She stayed there for several months and gave concerts for the local public. Upon leaving the Caribbean, Monica decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Freire came to France, where she decided to stay for a couple of years. The artist studied new music directions and developed her talent. From France, Freire moved to Montreal, where she was invited to perform with the Paolo Ramos Group. She became the leading vocalist of the band and participated in many Canadian festivals. Monica also recorded several popular live albums. In 1997, Freire received a Juno award for the Best Global Album. The album in question was Africa do Brasil. In Canada, Freire met a producer Dan Gigon, whom she worked with for many years.

  • After staying in Montreal, Freire went to Japan to start a new round of her breathtaking career. During one of the concerts in Japan, she was noticed by a local producer, who asked Monica to record an album in Tokyo. LP Monica was released in 1996. Soon after the release, Freire toured Japan in support of the LP. The album became a bestseller. Its success resulted in a contract for a new LP Monica II. After working in Japan, Monica returned to Canada, where she continued to perform. She participated in all important music festivals in Canada, including Montreal International Jazz Festival (2003), where she performed an opening act for a famous artist Cesaria Evora.

    In 2005, Freire released a new album, Bahiatronica. While recording the LP Monica traveled from Montreal to Brazil, from Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, and from Rio back to Canada. The LP featured such styles as samba and bossa nova, as well as electronic music. The album was very successful. Monica’s popularity was growing fast and she decided to make Montreal her new home. Even though Freire decided to change her place of residence, she still remembers her native Brazil. The artist’s songs reflect her close connection with two countries. Freire continues recording new albums and performing live.

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