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Ed Harcourt

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  • Edward Harcourt is a successful British singer, who released 7 LPs, 3 EPs, two compilation albums and numerous singles. He is still creating new hits and writing songs and music for such artists as Marianne Faithfull, Paloma Faith, Ren Harvieu, Lana Del Rey, and others. The musician often performs at concerts as an invited artist.

    Harcourt was born in London on 14 August 1977. His parentes didn’t have to do anything with music business. Edward was the youngest of three children in the famality. He loved music since childhood. Parents noticed Ed’s talent and sent him to music school at 9 where the young boy learned how to play the piano. At 17, Ed got an offer to work as piano teacher. However, he refused, saying that analyzing music doesn’t allow him to enjoy it.

    In the 1990s, Harcourt was the keyboardist and bass guitar player in the band Snug, which was formed by his school friends. The group released two studio albums, From Solar to Polar and Snug. During that period Edward was inspired by the American musician Tom Waits, who influenced his career a bit later. Harcourt often said that Waits’ album, Small Chang, is his favorite work of all times.

    In 2000, Ed Harcourt moved to his grandmother’s house in Sussex suburbs. He had a limited number of music instruments, which didn’t stop the musician from recording songs. Soon, he signed a contract with the label Heavenly and recorded an EP, Maplewood. A year later, the musician released an LP, Here Be Monsters, which was later nominated for a Mercury Prize.

  • Back then, Harcourt found inspiration in drinking alcohol with friends all night long, 1970s music, and books written by Hunter Thompson and Charles Bukowski. Later, Edward called music recorded during that period childish and naïve.

    In 2003, Ed Harcourt released his second LP, From Every Sphere. He was working non-stop. Less than a year later, a new album, Strangers, came out. In 2005, the musician presented a compilation album, Elephant’s Graveyard, which featured non-released songs from previoujs albums.

    The fourth album, The Beautiful Lie, came out in 2006. The next year, Ed presented a new compilation album, Until Tomorrow Then, which featured specially chosen tracks from the previous albums. The album also inclided songs that weren’t previously released. At that time, many fans wanted to book Ed Harcourt for private events.

    While working on the release of The Beautiful Lie, Edward was getting ready for marriage. Later, the musician noted that even though his marriage was successful, the album turned out dark and teary. After the release of a compilation album, Until Tomorrow Then, Ed Harcourt stopped working in a studio for some time. He collaborated with other artists to write songs for them. He also performed live.

    The next EP, Russian Roulette, came out in 2009. A year later, he released the 5th LP, Lustre. This album turned out fun and lively unlike the predecessor. A little later, Harcourt release an addition to the album, which he called Illustrious. It featured several new songs.

  • The sixth LP came out in 2013. It was called Back Into the Woods. Edward recorded it together with his wife Gita Smith in Abbey Road studio in just 6 hours.

    Later, the miusician announced working on a new alvbum Wizard Bounce. He promised to make it available for downloading on the official website.

    The seventh LP, Furnaces, came out in 2016. It was recorded with the assistance of the producer Mark «Flood» Ellis. This producer used to work with such celebrities as Depeche Mode, U2, Nine Inch Nails, and others. Critics gave highly positiuve revews to the avbum. Edward himself called this LP a beginning of a new career.

    The first instrumental album, Beyond the End, came out in 2018. Ed recorded it in his own studio Wolf Cabin with his wife and sister.

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